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Dance for camera

New Normal

A poetic dance film by Laterna magika, available for viewing on-line


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Approximate running time

15 minutes, no intermission

See the film
Dance for camera
See the film
For the very first time, Laterna magika has embraced the dance for camera genre, launching a new programme series made up of audio-visual works. You are able to watch the film free of charge on this website since 14th ofJune 2021.

The poetic Laterna magika dance film, directed by Jakub Jahn and choreographed by Nataša Novotná, responds to the current situation and presents a view of the “new normal” as bringing hope, opportunity and transformation.


  • 2023-2024
  • 2024-2025


Stage director
Jakub Jahn
Nataša Novotná
David Markovič
Sets and costumes
Marek Cpin
Light design
Karel Šimek
Artistic supervision
Radim Vizváry
Assistant dramaturg
Jana Návratová

The “new normal” is a sociological term defining a situation emerging in the wake of change. The film reacts to the current state of affairs in a broad metaphorical focus, anticipating in its own way the new normal we are approaching as hope, opportunity and transformation.

Everything proceeds as metaphor. We do not tell a story, nor do we show specific descriptive situations and relations. Everything is in motion – the dancers, the space, the camera. Organic and inorganic matter blends. We seek the limits of stylisation and realism.

Transformation results from inner seeking and struggle, in which a person transcends himself /herself and acquires a new set of dispositions.

New Normal is hope.


The film New Normal received the Best Cinematography award at Experimental Film and Music Video Festival in November 2021.


Special thanks to BAŤA company that generously equipped our artists with shoes.

Photo and video gallery

    Laterna for Camera / New Normal: Dance film