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Parking at the National Theatre

Current status of the number of free parking spaces

We currently have:

0 free parking lots


Only non-cash payments

Dear clients, payments for parking fees can only be made by cashless payment card or other virtual device (watch or phone). you for your understanding.

Parking fees for cars and motorcycles:

The prices include VAT.


Parking for up to 24 hours from entry

1st–8th hour or part thereof from start of parking

    CZK 60.00

per hour or part thereof

Each additional hour or part thereof

    CZK 30.00

per hour or part thereof

Parking for more than 24 hours from arrival

Vehicle parking for 1 day

  CZK 960.00

Vehicle parking for each additional day

  CZK 720.00

(2 days = CZK 1,680, 3 days = CZK 2,400, etc…).

Discounts on the parking fee must be claimed when paying at the automatic parking ticket machine.

The National Theatre provides a discount to all holders of ZTP and ZTP-P cards (disabled licence holders), regardless of whether they have purchased a ticket for a National Theatre performance. The discount is provided by reducing the paid parking time by 3 hours upon presentation of the parking ticket, ZTP or ZTP-P card (disabled licence) and vehicle documents at the gatehouse in service building A, after which a discount coupon will be provided (i.e. when parking for 4 hours, the visitor will only pay for 1 hour of parking).

The discount can be claimed at any time from the time the vehicle is parked to the time the parking fee is paid. Any discount claimed later will be refused. The visitor must scan their parking ticket at the automated payment machine, which will then display the original amount charged for parking. They must then scan the discount coupon and the amount to be paid will be corrected.

Long-term rental

If a written contract for the use of the car park is concluded for a period of 1 month or more, the price per vehicle and per parking space is as follows (depending on the number of vehicles for which the contract is concluded), unless agreed otherwise:

1 to 4 cars, without reserved space(s)**

8.000 CZK / month without VAT

5 or more cars, without reserved spaces**

7.000 CZK / month without VAT

1 to 4 cars, with reserved space(s)* (2.4 m wide)

9.000 CZK / month without VAT

5 or more cars, with reserved spaces* (2.4 m wide)

8.000 CZK / month without VAT

1 car, with a reserved space* (VIP, width 3.6 m)

10.000 CZK / month without VAT

1 motorcycle, without a reserved space**

5.000 CZK / month without VAT

1 motorcycle, with a reserved space*

6.000 CZK / month without VAT

*Reserved space – you must park in the designated parking space
**No reserved space - no specific parking space reserved

When booking up to 24 hours of parking for 10 or more cars, the price is CZK 80 per car including VAT per hour.

For more information (including long-term rental) contact:

Fines and penalties

You must not park in spaces reserved for other users and disabled persons (ZTP, ZTP/P disabled licence holders). Breaches of this rule are punishable by contractual penalties in the following amounts:

unauthorised parking in spaces reserved for other users (NT, tenants, charging of electric cars)       


CZK 500 incl. VAT

(per case)

unauthorised parking in spaces reserved for disabled persons


CZK 1,000 incl. VAT

(per case)

In addition to the fines, such breach entitles the NT to terminate the contract for use of the car park with immediate effect. This means the contract or agreement for use of the car park will be terminated and the parking card blocked.


Loss of parking ticket


CZK 5,000 incl. VAT

(per case)


The NT may waive the fine for losing a parking ticket if the car park user can provide proof of the moment they entered the car park and parked.

Such fines are without prejudice to the NT’s right to compensation of damage resulting from a breach of the car park user's obligations. The obligation of the car park user to pay the parking fee, to comply with the operating rules of the National Theatre’s underground car park and the contract or agreement negotiated with the National Theatre is not affected by such fines or their payment.

Car park operator

National Theatre, Ostrovní 1, 112 30 Prague 1, Czech Republic – P.O. BOX 865, Prague 1
ID No.:             00023337
Tax ID No.:       CZ00023337
Account no.:    2832011/0710 CNB
E-mail: (operational gatehouse in operational building A)

Other parking options

Where do I park? How much does the parking cost?

While visiting the National Theatre and the New Stage you are welcome to use the underground National Theatre car park (driveway from Ostrovní Street), the parking fee and conditions - here.

While visiting the State Opera, you can take the slip road on Wilsonova street from the left lane close to the State Opera building to the Parking Centrum above-ground garage. The parking fee is 60 CZK/h.

Unfortunately, there is no car park nearby the Estates Theatre. You can either use the National Theatre car park or a secure car park at the Kotva shopping mall (Revoluční 1/655, Praha 1) and Paladium (Na Poříčí 1079/3a, Praha 1).