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Being a benefactor is a state of mind, not about the state of your bank balance.

About sponsorship

The National Theatre Benefactors’ Club has linked up to the tradition of patronage and sponsorship, which for centuries were functioning principles of Czech society and which also contributed to the very foundation of the National Theatre, a truly unique art institution and one of the symbols of Czech national identity.

The National Theatre Benefactors’ Club affords you the opportunity to express your affection for the National Theatre, including by means of financially supporting a specific production or another artistic or restoration project.

A love of culture, reverence for history, yet above all a desire to help, is what all our patrons and sponsors have in common. Our benefactors occupy a special position in the operation of the National Theatre. By joining the Club, they become part of a unique community, which will make it possible for them to discover and familiarise themselves with the secrets of making theatre art.

In gratitude for their support, we make it possible for our benefactors to use attractive benefits, to be in close contact with the National Theatre and to see the magical world behind the curtain.

Be a real participant in the process of artistic creation and the Czech prime stage’s social life. Become a benefactor of the National Theatre. Giving is an art …