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Laterna magika

Ann-droid (HU)



The New Stage
Laterna fest

Basic information


The New Stage

Approximate running time

50 minutes, no intermission

Further information

Performance for the entire family, recomended age: 4+

Introduction and programme

A wonderfully animated journey on the ground, in the air and underwater in a heart-warming family show that combines theatre with the newest technologies: projection, smart LED costume, robot ball and drone. The show won the Best Children Show Award in 2019 in Hungary.


The story takes place in the 21st century, where a robot girl Ann – like Pinocchio – longs to become human. During her wonderful journey on the ground, in the air and underwater she has to face many challenges that help her discover the most important virtues in life. Before the very eyes of the audience the drawn animation comes to life where performers move together with the projected visuals creating a 3D movie experience

The main characters are Alfred the playful inventor and his creature Ann the curious robot girl. The story displays the complexity of their relationship, meanwhile, we can get to know Alfred’s different robots, namely Bip Bip the loyal robot ball together with many fantastic creatures, such as Foot-Mushroom, Lolly-Pot and Hand-Whisk. Alfred gives Ann one task: to collect and bring back home the lost creatures. Due to unexpected difficulties and diverse incredible adventures on their way, they have to evolve and find their way back to each other again. 

BANDART is an artistic group formed by Katalin Lengyel, a choreographer and dancer, and Szabolcs Tóth-Zs, a digital artist. 

Cast / Performers

Katalin Lengyel, Szabolcs Tóth-Zs.


Concept, screenplay, directing:

Choreography, dramaturgy: 
Katalin Lengyel

Animation, programming: 
Szabolcs Tóth-Zs.

Anna Weszelovszky

LED costume hardware interface design:
Réka Harsányi

Robot rollator:
Szabolcs Tóth-Zs., Róbert Haáb, Viktor Vicsek

Balázs Alpár

Sound design:
Zoltán Vadon

Animation assistant:
Balázs Klárik

Special thanks:
Gólem Theatre, Ferenc Tarr

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Practical information

Where to buy tickets

The National Theatre sells tickets up to 6 months in advance. We are currently selling tickets for performances of Drama, Ballet, Opera and Laterna magika taking place in July–December 2024.

When purchasing online, you can get an e-ticket. You can pick up printed tickets in person at the box offices of the National Theatre.

What to wear?

By their appearance, attire and behaviour, the audience is obliged to adhere to the accustomed practice expected from them when attending a theatre performance.

Parking at the National Theater

While visiting The National Theatre and the New Stage you can use again the underground car park of the National Theatre. Information and a parking fee.


Buffets on the New Stage

Use Café Nona for refreshments on the New Stage.