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Acqua Alta – Crossing the mirrorAcqua Alta – Crossing the mirror
Laterna magika

Acqua Alta – Crossing the mirror and Tête-à-tête (FR)

Adrien M & Claire B

VR & AR / exhibition

The New Stage - Operations Building B
Laterna fest

Basic information


The New Stage - Operations Building B

Venue and time

Gallery magika (Themos building near the New Stage)
21.–26. June 2022

  • Tuesday I 21. 6., 4pm–8pm
  • WednesdayFriday I 22.–24. 6., 2pm–8pm
  • Saturday I 25. 6., 12pm–8pm
  • Sunday I 26. 6., 12pm–4pm

Free entry

Introduction and programme

Acqua Alta – Crossing the mirror is a pop-up book whose drawings and paper volumes are the décor of a story visible in augmented reality.


Looking through a tablet or a smartphone, the ten double-pages of the book Acqua Alta - Crossing the mirror become the stage for a short dance performance - thanks to a custom-made augmented reality application. In a simple graphic stroke in black and white, ink drawings and white folded paper come together to reveal the virtual life of dancing miniature beings and their dive into the imaginary realms of water. The experience is at the crossroads of  theatre, dance, comic book, animated film  and “artsy” video game. The drawing First rain is a stand-alone drawing inspired by the world of Acqua Alta. This illustration becomes the stage for a short dance performance, visible in augmented reality.

Acqua Alta – Tête-à-tête: an immersive experience in a virtual reality headset to live one scene of the performance in immediate proximity.

The installation is part of the performance Acqua Alta, combining dance and digital projection. 


Concept and artistic direction:
Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot

Drawings and paper design: 
Claire Bardainne

Computer design: 
Adrien Mondot

Choreographic performance:
Dimitri Hatton and Satchie Noro

Sound design: 
Olivier Mellano

Computer development:
Rémi Engel

Paper engineering: 
Eric Singelin

Script doctor:
Marietta Ren

Marek Vuiton

Technical direction: 
Alexis Bergeron

Production a booking: 
Joanna Rieussec

Juli Allard-Schaefer, Delphine Teypaz, Margaux Fritsch

Photo and video gallery


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