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Acqua Alta – photo: Romain Etienne © Adrien M & Claire B
Laterna magika

Acqua Alta (FR)

Claire B, Adrien M


The New Stage
Laterna fest

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    June 2022

    Tuesday 21. 6.

    Tickets available

    Laterna fest

    Wednesday 22. 6.

    Tickets available

    Laterna fest

    Basic information


    The New Stage

    Further information

    Recomended age 8+

    Introduction and programme

    Mobile, organic, ephemeral, random, sensory: searching for a live digital world.


    Acqua Alta is the name of the project with three parts: a show, a book and a VR experience.

    The Adrien M & Claire B Company is acting in the fields of the digital arts and performing arts. The projects are directed by Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot. They create many forms of art, from stage performances to exhibitions combining real and virtual worlds with IT tools that were developed and customized specifically for them. They place the human body at the heart of techno- logical and artistic challenges and adapt today’s techno- logical tools to create a timeless poetry through a visual language based on playing and enjoyment, which breeds imagination.

    Acqua Alta – Ink black is a story. A woman, a man, a house. A daily routine, absurd and filled with discrepancies. But one wet rainy day, their life is turned upside down: the rising waters drown their home in an ink-coloured sea. The woman slips and disappears. Only her hair remains, and it is alive. It tells the tale of a disaster, unique and universal. It tells of losing and searching. It tells of the fear of the bizarre and otherness, and how to tame it.

    An accompanying part of the performance is Acqua Alta – Crossing the mirror: a book whose drawings and paper volumes become the décor of the story, only visible in augmented reality and immersive VR installation Tête-à-tête. The installation is presented on the ground floor of the New Scene, at the Gallery magika, which shows the accompanying visual works. 

    The company Adrien M & Claire B places its work in the field of digital arts since 2004.  Today, the company counts around 30 collaborators. Its headquarter and production offices are based in Lyon (Rhône, France) and a research and creation venue in Crest (Drôme, France). 

    Cast / Performers

    Dimitri Hatton, Satchie Noro


    Concept and artistic direction:
    Claire Bardainne, Adrien Mondot

    Drawings and animation: 
    Claire Bardainne

    Computer design:  
    Adrien Mondot

    Dimitri Hatton et Satchie Noro

    Original music: 
    Olivier Mellano

    Additional music: 
    Jean-Sébastien Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Jon Brion

    Computer development:
    Rémi Engel

    Paper engineering: 
    Eric Singelin

    Script doctor:
    Marietta Ren

    Digital interpretation and lighting: 
    Benoît Fenayon

    Sound design:
    Clément Aubry

    Jérémy Chartier, Yan Godat, Arnaud Gonzalez, Claire Gringore, Yannick Moréteau

    Technical management:
    Romain Sicard

    Technical direction: 
    Alexis Bergeron

    Marek Vuiton, assisted by Mathis Guyetand

    Technical direction: 
    Raphaël Guénot

    Production and booking:
    Joanna Rieussec

    Margaux Fritsch, Juli Allard-Schaefer, Delphine Teypaz

    Johanna Guerreiro

    Photos © Romain Etienne/item and © Adrien M & Claire B

    Photo and video gallery


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    The National Theatre sells tickets up to 6 months in advance. On 1 May at 9am we started selling tickets for performances of Drama, Ballet, Opera and Laterna magika until the end of October 2022.

    When purchasing online, you can get an e-ticket. You can pick up printed tickets in person at the box offices of the National Theatre.

    What to wear?

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