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    Czech National Ballet

    Season 2019/2020 - Continuously moving / Stále v pohybu

  • Bohemia Ballet - Peter Pan
  • Kylián – Bridges of Time
  • Timeless

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    19:00State Opera
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    About us

    About Czech National Ballet

    The Czech National Ballet in Prague occupies a firm position on the Czech Republic’s dance scene, as well as in the Central European context. Its founding in 1883 gave rise to the continuous evolutionary tradition of Czech professional dance. The Czech National Ballet is the largest ballet company in the Czech Republic.

    The Czech National Ballet has launched the 2019/20 season under the motto Continuously moving, bearing in mind the very essence of dance theatre that we create through movement, as well as an outreach, contact with the world, which is not motionless either.

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    Ballet Preparatory School

    The beginnings of ballet education for children date back to 1835. Under its management, great figures of Czech and international ballet took turns during a century.

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