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About us

The Czech National Ballet in Prague occupies a solid position in the Central European context. Its founding in 1883 gave rise to the continuous evolutionary tradition of Czech professional dance. Truly cosmopolitan, made up of dancers of 18 nationalities, the Czech National Ballet is the largest dance company in the Czech Republic. This diversity affords it a colourful scale of means of expression, representing a variety of ethnicities and their differing natures and temperaments. The result is a blending together of numerous dance schools and styles, mutual enrichment and inspiration.

The Czech National Ballet’s dialogue with global dance theatre has been cultivated for over two decades. Its current Artistic Director is Filip Barankiewicz. The company’s worldwide acclaim is demonstrated by its regularly collaborating with foreign choreographers, restagers and designers. The experience with diverse movement phraseologies serves to spice up the artistic work, helping the company to find its Central European identity. 

The international character of the Czech National Ballet in Prague reflects its national identity and enhances its prestige. We offer the traditional classical repertoire and modern contemporary theatre alike, yet with a special artistic spirit.

Attesting to the company’s singularity is its variegated repertoire, which includes famous narrative ballets retelling mesmerising stories (The Sleeping Beauty, La Fille mal gardée, Swan Lake, Onegin and The Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol), Forsythe / Clug / McGregor -  fascinating mixed bills William Forsythe, Edward Clug and Wayne McGregor; Phoenix, by Alejandro Cerrudo, Douglas Lee and Cayetano Soto; and Kylián – Bridges of Time, by Jiří Kylián) and contemporary ballets (Leonce & Lena, by Christian Spuck; Kafka: The Trial, by Mauro Bigonzetti.

By the end of the 2021/22 season, the Czech National Ballet will give two more premieres.

The first of them will be a production of another globally celebrated ballet, Sergey Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, choreographed by John Cranko in 1962 for the Stuttgarter Ballett (featuring the original scenery created by the internationally renowned designer Jürgen Rose). Ever since its opening night eight decades ago, Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet has been performed by companies worldwide and become one of the pillars of the classical ballet repertoire.

The last premiere will be a triple bill made up of works by contemporary choreographers, bearing the indicative title bpm. BPM refers to beats per minute, a measurement of tempo in music. It may also mean heart rate, the number of heartbeats recorded over one minute. The new Czech National Ballet production will set the audience’s hearts racing. The mixed bill consists of works by Israel’s Eyal Dadon, Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar, and the Czech performance artist and choreographer Yemi AD. The Artistic Director of the Czech National Ballet, Filip Barankiewicz, has selected for the National Theatre Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar’s choreography Bill, while Eyal Dadon and Yemi AD (Bohemian Gravity) will conceive brand-new pieces.