La Fille mal gardée (The Wayward Daughter)

La Fille mal gardée (The Wayward Daughter)

Spectacular ballet comedy by Frederick Ashton

The State Opera
For the whole family
Traditional adaptation
For children
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    April 2021

    Sunday 4. 4.

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    For the whole family
    Traditional adaptation
    For children

    Wednesday 7. 4.

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    For the whole family
    Traditional adaptation
    For children

    Basic information


    The State Opera

    Approximate running time

    2 hours 15 minutes, 1 intermission 20 minutes


    Czech premiere: 19 April 2018 at the National Theatre

    A fascinating comedy, pure pleasure, intoxication by dance! Very suitable for children! 

    La Fille mal gardée (The Wayward Daughter) is one of the oldest ballets (it was created in 1789), it is still widely staged and hugely popular. Why is that? Because it celebrates the joy of life and – above all – love. It is colorful and full of humor, dancers make audiences smile. 


    • 2020-2021


    Will the wild young Lise fight for her love despite her desperately overprotective mother? Will she marry her beloved Colas? Or will she listen to her mother’s words and accept Alain who is wealthy but a little bit “out of his head”?

    This masterpiece of Frederick Ashton is inspired by the older French ballet of Jean Dauberval. We are invited to a picturesque countryside similar to Suffolk, a place dear to Ashton’s heart.

    The sets resemble cartoons, we enjoy folk festivities, dancing hens and a live pony and are drawn into a merry summer atmosphere.

    Despite its joyful character the work is technically highly demanding, there are difficult pas de deux and solos, expressing the passionate nature of the young lovers.

    Photo of the visual image: The Queens (Alexandre Katsapov a Mario Bakuš)
    Photo: Martin Divíšek, Serghei Gherciu, Pavel Hejný

    We extend our thanks to Mr. Jean-Pierre Gasquet, the holder of the rights to Sir Frederick Ashton’s La Fille mal gardée, for his generosity.

    Thanks to Kačina castle for providing of location for visual image photo shooting.


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