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21. 1. 2019

The Czech National Ballet to present John Cranko’s Swan lake in Czech premiere

John Cranko’s choreography, to music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, is a breath-taking spectacle. The Czech National Ballet is the very first large company to have been granted the approval to stage the piece beyond the Stuttgarter Ballett.

Swan Lake ranks among the most celebrated of all classical ballets, the most frequently performed and the most popular among audiences all over the world. Although at first glance coming across as depicting anything but the prosaic reality of everyday life, the ballet has never failed to touch the hearts of audiences, which has applied to virtually every earnest production. To date, the National Theatre has staged twelve adaptations of Swan Lake.

Number thirteen, the new Czech National Ballet production will be a revival of the immortal story’s version created by the world-renowned choreographer John Cranko, the founder of the Stuttgarter Ballett, shortly before his premature death. His aim was to render a romantic atmosphere and to incorporate into his dramatic piece both the splendour of the concept and a certain degree of intimacy. A true master of epic ballet, in his Swan Lake Cranko provides the dancers with the great opportunity to develop the characters, while placing emphasis on acting and individual freedom of expression.

Even though closely linked with the milieu and ballet in Germany, which he himself formed, John Cranko is not unknown in the Czech Republic. His dance idiom was clearly influenced by his having studied at the Sadler’s Wells School in London, as well as his initial professional experience gained at the Sadler’s Wells Ballet. One of the world’s most distinguished choreographers, his accomplishments while serving as the artistic director of the Stuttgarter Ballett have been included in all ballet textbooks, with the company during Cranko’s era having been referred to as the “Stuttgart ballet miracle”. The charismatic artist got together and nurtured a number of young dancers, who went on to become renowned ballet figures: Marcia Haydée, Egon Madsen, Richard Cragun, Birgit Keil and Susanne Hanke, as well as, later on, such renowned choreographers as Jiří Kylián and John Neumeier.

John Cranko was a master of storytelling, capable of working with and rendering emotions, which he blended with magnificent dance passages and virtuoso solo performances, bringing great artistic experiences to the audience. The Czech premiere of his Swan Lake will indisputably be a major ballet event in the Czech Republic and within the European context alike.

We are the first big company that obtained permission to stage this ballet outside its home scene in Stuttgart. It is the first time, too, that the Swan Lake of John Cranko will get a new visual form: Foreign rights owners allowed us to create new costumes and set. Two Czech artists will be involved in devising the new scene elements: Josef Jelínek, the costume designer, and Martin Černý, the set designer.

Swan Lake  second premiere of season 2018/2019
Czech premiere: March 28th 2019

The production’s partner is Preciosa Beauty, s.r.o., a company adorning the dancers with its jewellery.

photo: Alexandre Katsapov

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16. 1. 2019

A very special encounter with The Little Mermaid performed by the Czech National Ballet – for the first time in the 2018/2019 season

Meet The Little Mermaid on Saturday January 19: Join the lecture before the evening show / Visit the launching of the new DVD (in collaboration with the Czech Television) / Come to the autograph signing and meet our dancers

The magical fairy tale world of Hans Christian Andersen is back at last. At the end of January and at the beginning of February there will be six performances of The Little Mermaid – three of them in the afternoon. On Saturday January 19 we will stage the show for the first time this season and you can look forward to interesting accompanying programme.

A special lecture before the show – The Little Mermaid
“This story is not only about the little mermaid who falls in love with the human prince. It is also about the search for our own soul. Would you like to know more about the team of professionals who created this exceptional ballet? What were their goals and motivations? Why is the role of the Witch important, or the Grandmother? What would you be willing to sacrifice for the love of your life?”
A special guest of the lecture: Jan Kodet, the choreographer.

The lecture starts at the Estates Theatre at 1.30 pm, half an hour before the afternoon show. It takes place at Mozartův salonek in the foyer of the first balcony.

Launching of the DVD of The Little Mermaid
The Czech National Ballet in collaboration with the Czech Television and Les Films Figures Libres issued the DVD containing The Little Mermaid ballet at the end of the year 2018. It will be presented to the public officially on Saturday January 19. The choreographer Jan Kodet as well as other members of the creative team will be present. And the Little Mermaid herself will also appear…

The launching will take place on the stage of the Estates Theatre before the evening performance at 6 pm.

An autograph signing of the The Little Mermaid DVD
On Saturday January 19 after the evening show the autograph signing of The Little Mermaid DVD will take place. You can purchase the product on the spot. It is a great opportunity to get a special present for yourself or buy an original gift for your family. The Little Mermaid herself (Magdaléna Matějková, the CNB soloist) will come and sign the DVD. Enjoy!

The Little Mermaid – The Czech National Ballet – The Estates Theatre:
Saturday January 19 at 2 pm and 6 pm
Saturday January 26 at 2 pm and 6 pm
Saturday February 9 at 2 pm and 6 pm
Last tickets available!

photo: Martin Divíšek

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7. 1. 2019


The Czech National Ballet is leaving for Spanish Andalusia today. Destination: Seville, production: La Byadère.

On the second Sunday of the Advent last year the lush classical ballet La Byadère was performed in the National Theatre in Prague. The house was full to the last seat and it was the last time the audience had the opportunity to see the production in the 2018/2019 season.

Prague will not see it any more this season but the beautiful fairy tale about Nikia, the temple dancer, and Solor, the noble prince, will come alive in Spain in January. Our dancers will travel to the south of the country and perform in the city of Seville in Andalusia. The favourite and successful Javier Torres version of La Byadère will be staged four times from January 9 to January 12 in the local Teatro de la Maestranza and accompanied by the Real Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla.

Spanish ballet lovers will get the chance to see three different casts of the main roles and will admire six Czech first soloists: Nikola Márová, Alina Nanu, Miho Ogimoto, Nikita Chetverikov, Giovanni Rotolo and Adam Zvonař and four soloists: Sophie BenoitMagdaléna Matějková, Kristýna Němečková, and Aya Watanabe.

photo: Younsik Kim

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4. 1. 2019

Guest of The Czech National Ballet three times in January 2019

Ballet Prague Junior and Prague Chamber Ballet / Bohemia Balet / Ballet of F. X. Šalda Theatre Liberec

The Czech National Ballet is leaving on tour – Spain 2019. We are offering our stage to guests.

Prague Chamber Ballet and Ballet Prague Junior: Re-start 2019
9 January 2019 at 20pm at The New Stage

Prague Chamber Ballet, the doyen among Czech chamber dance theatre, and its younger brother Ballet Prague Junior (Dance Centre Prague), bring a new performance to The New Stage – Re-start 2019.First part of the evening is devoted to the last premiere of The Prague Chamber Ballet The World of Daisies by Jiří Pokorný (formerly a member of NDT). Intimate Spaces by Samuel Delvaux (Belgium) celebrates Leoš Janáček and in an abstract way touches a painful relationship of an artist who is extremely sensitive to “female inspiration” all around him. A New Beginning is a world premiere of Lidia Wos (Poland/Sweden). Lidia puts the Ballet Prague Junior dancers in front of a pile of old suitcases and lets them move and express the various meanings of the suitcases on stage. A Glimpse of POEtry is a dance horror based on the famous poem The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. Marek Svobodník creates a “rough” modern piece full of black, absurd humor – with a glimpse of poetry. TICKETS

Bohemia Ballet: Rhapsody in Blue
13 January 2019 at 19pm at The Estates Theatre

Bohemia Ballet is a company belonging to the Dance Conservatory Prague. It stages a dance evening entitled Rhapsody in Blue, a work comprising three pieces created entirely by Czech artists. Sen horké noci (A Hot Night Dream), a premiere by Filip Veverka, is a humorous choreography about a hot summer. Inspiro by Lucie Holánková is inspired by the music of G. F Händel and M. Richter. The last piece of the evening – Gershwin’s famous Rhapsody in Blue – is choreographed by Jiří HorákTICKETS

F. X. Šalda Theatre Ballet from Liberec: (S)tvoření
14 January 2019 at 20pm at The New Stage

The F. X. Šalda Theatre ballet company brings (S)tvoření (Creation), a dance mystery based on taoist texts and philosophy. Water, wood, fire, earth and metal and five corresponding human emotions: fear, anger, joy, sympathy, grief. Colours, sounds, smells, numbers... Mystery, ritual, game, theatre… accompanied by Aries musical band. Choreography, direction and libretto Alena Pešková. TICKETS

photo: Michal Hančovský


2. 1. 2019

The Czech National Ballet in Prague is holding an AUDITION

We are seeking: Corps de ballet - male professional dancers (max. age: 25) Height min. 180 cm

For the 2019/2020 season, with contracts starting on 19 August 2019.
Artistic Director: Mr. Filip Barankiewicz

Please prepare a classical solo variation for the audition. 
Strong classical and contemporary technique required.

Official dates: Sunday 20 and Sunday 27 January 2019
Address: Czech National Ballet, Anenske namesti 2, Prague 1, Czech Republic
Registration of applicants: from 8.00 till 9.30 am

Audition by invitation only!

Applications should include a CV, pictures and a short video link (dancing).
Please mention your height and weight, age and professional stage experience, including current company and education.

Download table

Please send your application by 16 January 2019 to the address:
The Czech National Ballet
Petra Patricelli
Anenske nam. 2, 112 30 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 224 902 526, Fax: +420 224 902 539

photo: Younsik Kim

23. 12. 2018

Merry Christmas and best wishes in year 2019 from The Czech National Ballet

photo: demisoloist of the Czech National Ballet Younsik Kim

19. 12. 2018

The Czech National Ballet on DVD! The Little Mermaid on DVD as part of the Czech Television Ballet series.

She would rather die than kill her beloved. With the first morning sunrays she enters the sea, ready to diffuse into sea foam… The tragic fate of the Little Mermaid whose love for the earthly prince was stronger than her own life still inspires us and touches our hearts deeply. The Czech National Ballet stages the story of Hans Christian Andersen at the Estates Theatre and this version of the famous fairy tale is now on DVD.

The Czech National Ballet in collaboration with the Czech Television and Les Films Figures Libres publish the Little Mermaid on DVD.

“We captured live performance. It was crucial to place all the cameras carefully but the most important task was the final editing.” Jan Kodet

This version of the beautiful romantic story is choreographed by Jan Kodet and accompanied by the music of Zbyněk Matějů. Stage direction: SKUTR (Lukáš Trpišovský and Martin Kukučka), sets: Jakub Kopecký, costumes: Alexandra Grusková.

Czech artists created a dark blue and green world of the deep underwater realm that merges organically with the earthly kingdom of humans. Fascinating surreal scene arises thanks to minimalist set and colorful costumes – a dream coming alive!

Buy the Little Mermaid ballet production on DVD in our e-shop or in the stores of the Czech Television. Price: CZK 199.

If you want to see the Little Mermaid on stage, come to the Estates Theatre in January 2019: Saturday January 19 at 2 pm and 6 pm, Saturday January 26 at 2 pm and 6 pm. Last tickets available!

photo: Martin Stranka

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13. 12. 2018

1., 2., 4., 7. … 19., 1562. cast staged for productions of The Czech National Ballet in Praha

These numbers do not indicate different levels of quality – on the contrary, they confirm that the quality is always guaranteed – it is unchangeable and has reached the highest possible level. With every single production.

Every production of the Czech National Ballet is staged in several casts – each leading role as well as each minor part is performed by more than one dancer. What does that mean exactly?

From various interviews with Alexey Afanasiev, ballet master of the Czech National Ballet.

During the preparations of the premiere of a new ballet a cast is created by the choreographer or ballet masters. For the main roles there are usually three different casts, sometimes four. All of the dancers involved rehearse their roles attentively so that they master it both technically and artistically. Such preparations take two months or even less and so the authors of the piece concentrate mainly on the casts that they designated as first and second. The third, fourth (whatever the number) casts also take part in the rehearsals and try to do their best.

After the opening nights where the first and second casts excel there comes a time for the ballet masters who begin to devote themselves to the supporting dancers. They work hard with them so that they are fully prepared to perform their roles and offer a flawless interpretation once the first and second casts did their job during the premiere nights. This means that the casts designated as third and fourth appear on stage later, not during the opening series. However, they must be fully trained and ready to “steal the show” later.

The following season when the production is still on, the artistic director does not designate the casts as first, second or third anymore and so there is no given hierarchy of the dancers. Thus, the casting of the roles depends on the overall programme of the company and aims at retaining the highest quality of all the shows in repertoire.

The Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol is “higher combinatorics”.

The Cast for The Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol is “higher combinatorics”.

One of the interesting examples of  “higher combinatorics” is the casting of the Christmas productions of the Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol. First suggestions as for who should dance what are born as early as September but everything changes in the course of the weeks to come. The casting is affected by varying physical condition of the dancers, injuries and pregnancies. Sometimes the situation is not clear even in December. No wonder! There are more than fifty dancers on stage in every production, there are five different casts for the leading roles and two for the minor parts. Last but not least – there are ten children from the Ballet Preparatory School of the National Theatre. This year we plan to stage eighteen performances altogether – and so it is a very long process, never-ending hard work that requires constant attention and concentration as various unexpected accidents get in the way.

At the same time the casting influences other people that take care of various technical issues connected with the production – costume and wig makers and stylists, dressers, milliners, shoemakers, make-up artists but also public relations staff and production managers and sometimes even property men or lightning technicians. All of them strive to make the performances flow smoothly.

And we, the ballet masters, simply love our work with the dancers – we handle each single cast carefully and sensitively and are very proud of them every time they appear on stage. No production is “better” than any other, they are all equally perfect. Moreover, the mood of the evening differs with every cast and so it can certainly be enriching for spectators to return to the theatre to see different dancers performing the same role. A new dancer always interprets the character in a new, original way. Yes, come and see several different productions – it is certainly worth it!

photo: Martin Divíšek

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10. 12. 2018

The Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol: Benefit Performance

On December the twelfth we stage The Nutcracker in collaboration with the Dance Career Endowment Fund. A part of the money raised goes to the Endowment Fund. The performance is sold out – thank you for supporting the art of dance!

The Dance Career Endowment Fund helps ballet dancers in the process of changing their career. The fund was awarded a prize in Brussels this November by the PEARLE* (Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe) in the SKILLS/TRAINING/LIFELONG LEARNING category for creating new visions and helping in the social area. The prizes are awarded within the framework of “Behind the Stage” project (financed by the European Union) and aim to celebrate the pioneer work that many employers’ organizations have been doing – endorsing equal opportunity, diversity, lifelong learning, social dialogue or the preservation of cultural heritage. All to make the field of live arts healthier, safer and fairer. The project was introduced by the Professional Theatre Association of the Czech Republic (belonging to Pearle*).

„We are in the middle of the second year of benefit performances entitled TICKET THAT HELPS CZECH DANCE and organized by the theatres under the Professional Theatre Association. There were benefit activities in České Budějovice and Plzeň already. It is of course not only about the money raised but also about drawing attention to the problem of dancers who – after completing their active career – leave their home theatre or company without any help or support whatsoever,” says MgA. Zdeněk Prokeš, a member of the administrative board of the Dance Career Endowment Fund and a social dialogue guarantor of the Professional Theatre Association. “In December there will be benefit performances in the National Theatre in Prague, Brno, in the F. X. Šalda Theatre in Liberec or in the Moravian Theatre in Olomouc,“ he adds.

Through buying the benefit performance ticket you help to endorse further learning, retraining and requalification of dancers who just ended their active dancing career. It takes eight years to become a professional ballet dancer – it is the longest period of all arts. Most dancers suffer serious injuries during their career and more than one fourth of them must quit at a young age. Three quarters leave the stage before they turn thirty and it is very rare to see a dancer who is over forty.

The benefit performance of The Nutcracker is sold out – thank you for endorsing the art of dance!

For more information visit

photo: Martin Divíšek

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3. 12. 2018

Valmont – The Czech National Ballet – accompanying programme

The romantic ballet Valmont in new cast! This new “premiere” of the favourite piece is accompanied by a lecture for public and by the autograph signing of the new ballet calendar.

“Come and see Valmont, the great work of art! It is created by Libor Vaculík, a Czech choreographer who put his heart into it. It has been on for several years, people love it, they come again and again and always look forward to new cast,” says Adam Zvonař, the first soloist of the Czech National Ballet.

For the first time this week: Adam Zvonař as Valmont, Kristýna Němečková as Marquise de Merteuil, Irina Burduja as Cecile de Volanges and Jonáš Dolník as Knight Danceny.

“This role is a challenge for me! As I study the character of Valmont and spend time with him in the dance studio I realize how hard it is not to overact. To find the right measure and balance is a difficult task for me as the role requires considerable acting skills. I am lucky to have great ballet masters who trust me and support me. I appreciate the opportunity to work with Alexandre Katsapov, the “real Valmont” who danced the premiere in 2014 and for whom the character was created. He stands by me and tries to get the best out of me so that I am a good Valmont too,” says Adam Zvonař.

Lecture for public – Valmont
Did you know that the ballet Valmont was inspired by the novel in letters written by Choderlos de Laclos in 1782? The Estates Theatre opened only a year later and thus is a great place to display the morals of the libertines: Seduce but never fall in love! On stage as well as in life.

The lecturer Kateřina Hanáčková will tell you more about this dramatic ballet in the Estates Theatre foyer at 6.30 pm, half an hour before the performance. A special guest: ballet master and former first soloist Tereza Podařilová, the first Marquise de Merteuil.

Ballet Calendar autograph signing by Valmont soloists
A great opportunity to buy a new wall calendar with beautiful photographs and have it signed by the dancers. A great Christmas present! Come to Mozartův salonek after the performance. All four ballet dancers from the new cast of Valmont will be present – plus Magdaléna Matějková (Madamme de Tourvel).

photo: Martin Divíšek

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29. 11. 2018

The first soloist of the Czech National Ballet Michal Štípa – good bye and congratulations!

Michal Štípa has been the first soloist and member of the Czech National Ballet for many years. In January 2019 he starts a new career as artistic director in Moravské divadlo Olomouc.

The National Theatre wants to express deep gratitude to Michal Štípa for his beautiful and important work and great artistic contribution. Thank you! However, he is not leaving the Czech ballet world. Good luck in Olomouc and congratulations!

Would you like to admire Michal Štípa on the stage of the National Theatre in Prague and say good bye to him? Come and see Timeless on February 2019 the first and second at 7pm. He will dance in Svěcení jara with his beloved ballet partner of many years, the first soloist Nikola Márová.

Don’t hesitate and support the last performance of Michal Štípa, the legendary artist.

photo: Pavel Hejný

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28. 11. 2018

Elegance and decadence in The Estates Theatre – Valmont

The game of seduction has only one rule: Never fall in love! Valmont – the Czech National Ballet December 2018 – three performances – NEW CAST!

The romantic story about cynical hedonists has been adapted by the Czech choreographer Libor Vaculík to Franz Schubert’s and and Pēteris Vasks’s music (arranged by Metr Malásek). The chamber production oscillates between dance theatre and drama. Libor Vaculík does not overwhelm the audience with spectacular show – he concentrates on delicate, sensitive depiction of the protagonists’ nature.

“I am very happy that this ballet is still alive and you – the ballet lovers – still want to see it. We prepared a brand new cast for you and are looking forward to your visit. Sincerely, Libor Vaculík.” 

Adam Zvonař will play Valmont for the first time, Kristýna Němečková will be Marquise de Merteuil, Irina Burduja will dance Cecile de Volanges and Jonáš Dolník will become Knight Danceny.

The premiere of this new cast will take place on December 4 and on December 7 you will have the last opportunity to admire Adam Zvonař as Valmont. On December 8 another first soloist, Giovanny Rotolo, will try to seduce you.

Elegance and decadence in The Estates Theatre: „Love devoid of emotions becomes a cold strategy calculated to the very last detail...“

Make your December special by visiting Valmont – the galant romantic ballet. Tickets.

photo: Serghei Gherciu

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19. 11. 2018

The Czech National Ballet Calendar 2019 – Tradition & Originality

Just like every year the Czech National Ballet publishes a wall calendar for all dance fans to enjoy. Lyrical colour photographs depict the Czech National Ballet soloists within the beautiful historical buildings of the National Theatre and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.

The calendar has been created in collaboration with the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Polygraf printing company and the Formata graphic studio and the author of the pictures is Younsik Kim, a South Korean dancer (Czech National Ballet demisoloist) and photographer.

„Within the space of life the movements of dancers change but they are suspended in eternity.“ Younsik Kim

What is it exactly that connects the buildings of the two important cultural institutions – the National Theatre and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague? Above all it is their constructor Josef Schulz, one of the most potent architects of the 19. century, who won great acclaim and came to the spotlight after Josef Zítek had retired. Josef Schulz was a true renaissance man – designer, urbanist, garden designer, builder and conservationist.

„Younsik Kim worked with dancers that inspired him the most and managed to touch the fragile beauty of the human body. The two monumental spaces and the delicate postures of the graceful dancers will be engraved on his heart forever.“ Filip Barankiewicz – Artistic Director of the Czech National Ballet

The calendar is available in both the National Theatre and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague as well as in the National Theatre e-shop for CZK 219.

photo: Younsik Kim

12. 11. 2018

The Czech National Ballet on Tour – the 2018 Caribbean – back home

The Czech National Ballet travelled overseas to extraordinary exotic destinations – the Central American Costa Rica and also Cuba, the heart of the Caribbean. Artistic director Filip Barankiewicz picked twelve soloists for this trip and devised a full evening Gala comprising both classical and more contemporary duets and solos.

The first stop on this special tour was San José, the capital of Costa Rica. Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica hosted our Gala two times. The journal La Nación in it's special edition Viva endowed the Czech National Ballet with the attribute legendary and offered its readers a two page interview with Mr. Filip Barankiewicz.    

After the success in San José the company flew to Cuba to the magical city of Habana where it took part in the famous Festival Internacional de Ballet de la Habana „Alicia Alonso”, a well-known cultural event founded in 1960.

“It is for the first time in history that the Czech National Ballet brings its own original evening programme to this legendary festival. The outstanding quality of our performance was confirmed by an excited and warm reaction of Cuban audience and especially by the standing ovation at the end – we were honoured,” says Filip Barankiewicz who saw both performances in Habana in the Teatro Nacional de Cuba. 

Cuban ballet is famous worldwide and Cuban dancers are known to be outstanding. The greatest personality that has made Cuban dance shine is Alicia Alonso, the prima ballerina assoluta who celebrates 96 this year and who set up the  Festival Internacional de Ballet in 1960.

Reaction of Cuban audience – read more

Michaela Černá, the ballet master of the Czech National Ballet, met Alicia in person twice.
“In 1986 I had the opportunity to dance at the Habana festival for the first time – it was in pas de deux with Ján Němec – and that is when I met Alicia Alonso. Two years later in 1988 Alicia invited me to Cuba again, this time I danced as soloist with the Cuban National Ballet. I performed the part of Myrta in Giselle and Odette/Odile in Swan Lake with the Cuban dancer Rodolfo Castellanos. It is great that the Czech National Ballet was invited to Habana – a true honour. I am glad I could come with our dancers and show them the magical, indescribable atmosphere of the celebrated Cuban festival.”

Toni Piñera for the Cuban site
“Our company, the Cuban National Ballet, celebrates its 70. anniversary – and this was a great opening! On the first evening of the 26. year of the Cuban dance festival we could see mastery, physical excellence, perfect technical skill and wild rhythm. The audience was excited and rewarded the dancers with spontaneous applause. Every single part of the Gala was performed with precision and elegance – typical traits of the Czech company. The Czech National Ballet lighted up the Cuban stage for the first time and they brought various styles that represent their rich repertoire. The dancers were perfectly able to move among many different styles.”

Yuris Nórido for the Cuban site
“Vertigo by Mauro Bigonzetti creates cycles of darkness and light and the dancers (Kristýna Němečková and Giovanni Rotolo) are engaged in constant intensive dialogue. The best piece of the evening – standing ovation.”

The name of the famous ballerina Alicia Alonso is connected not only with the Festival Internacional de Ballet de la Habana but also with the historical theatre stage Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso. This was the place where the international Gala took place and the two Czech soloists – Nikola Márová and Adam Zvonař – were part of it. They danced the pas de deux from La Byadère (in Prague you will have the opportunity to see this ballet at the end of November and the beginning of December).

“It is admirable that the Czech National Ballet is able to send so many soloists abroad to Central America and at the same time bring to the Prague stage the fascinating ballet Kylián – Bridges of Time which is technically highly demanding and requires great skills of interpretation or stage the new contemporary ballet Slavic Temper in a completely new cast,“ says the artistic director Filip Barankiewicz.

Congratulations to all our soloists – Evgenia Chetverikova, Alina Nanu, Kristýna Němečková, Nikola Márová, Magdaléna Matějková, Nikita Chetverikov, Mathias Deneux, Younsik Kim, Giovanni Rotolo, Matěj Šust, Ondřej Vinklát and Adam Zvonař. Thank you!

Photo: Younsik Kim
In order from left to right: Alina Nanu, Matyáš Rytina (pyhsiotherapist), Matěj Šust, Giovanni Rotolo, Nikola Márová, Adam Zvonař, Ondřej Vinklá

6. 11. 2018

The Italian Federico plays Romeo for the first time

Romeo and Juliet – the romantic story by Shakespeare accompanied by the music of Sergei Prokofiev and performed by The Czech National Ballet in The Music Theatre Karlín. Four times only in 2018, starting November 12.

The famous love story written by William Shakespeare inspired the great composer Sergei Prokofiev in the 1930s and the Czech choreographer Petr Zuska in 2013 – his neoclassical version shines on the stage of The Music Theatre Karlín and waits for your visit. The State Opera Orchestra, the Czech National Ballet dancers and young talents from the Ballet Preparatory School create an unforgettable atmosphere. For the first time Romeo will be played by the Italian dancer Federico Ievoli who will fall in love with his Juliet Magdaléna Matějková.

“Romeo has always been of my most favourite characters – I am delighted I have the opportunity to dance this part. Moreover, Magda is a real star, an experienced dancer, and I am learning a lot from her. It is hard to be a dancer and actor in one, to dance and to act at the same time so that Romeo is persuasive and believable. But I will give all I have in me so that the audience can enjoy the magic of the evening fully.” (Federico – Romeo)

“I am looking forward to our new Romeo very much. I sense that Federico will not only bring exceptional dance aesthetics to the stage but also lots of love. And I will share this love with him gladly!“ (Magdaléna – Juliet)

Don’t miss the love of Romeo and Juliet and come to Karlín! November 12 at 7pm for the first time.

Photo: Serghei Gherciu

25. 10. 2018

The Czech National Ballet in DANCE EUROPE magazine

DANCE EUROPE, the prestigious international magazine dedicated to dance and published in London elected Filip Barankiewicz among the best artistic directors of ballet companies around the world for the 2017/2018 season. „Filip Barankiewicz, inspirational new director of the Czech National Ballet.“

In the October issue the results of the CRITIC’S CHOICE poll were printed. The well known dance theater critic Mike Dixon chose Filip Barankiewicz as the artistic director of the year.

„Fourteen critics share their personal highlights and disappointments from the last dance season.“

The same critic mentioned the Czech National Ballet in two other cathegories – exceptional male performance and exceptional female performance. Two names of the CNB appeared – Alina Nanu (in the role of Lise  in La Fille mal gardée) and Ondřej Vinklát (in the role of Colas in the same piece).

Congratulations to all – our boss and our dancers! Come and see La Fille mal gardée  in May 2019!

photo: Martin Divíšek

17. 10. 2018


The Czech National Ballet goes on two weeks tour to the exotic Caribbean. The dancers will perform Balet Gala on four occasions. Two times they will dance in Costa Rica – at the National Theatre in San Jose, twice in Cuba at the National Theatre in the Covarrubias Hall, Havana.

The first soloists of the Czech National Ballet Nikola Márová and Adam Zvonař will perform at the famous Festival Internacional de Ballet de la Habana “Alicia Alonso”. They will dance the pas de deux from La Bayadère by Javier Torres.

This legendary ballet festival first saw the light of day in 1960 and its birth was inspired by Alicia Alonso, the prima ballerina assoluta and a great personality of art and culture. It will be the first time since the 1980s that Czech dancers will take part in this exceptional cultural event.

You can look forward to news and updates under the heading Czech National Ballet on Tour – Caribbean Tour 2018. Stay tuned to our social media!

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