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  • Ballet The National Theatre

    Kylián – Bridges of Time

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  • Ballet The New Stage

    Slavic temper

    world premiere at New stage theatre

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  • Ballet The Music Theatre Karlín

    Romeo and Juliet

    November 2018


17. 9. 2018

Collaboration between Atlanta Ballet and The Czech national ballet was succesful and it will continue

Collaboration was started with four performances of Vertigo performed by our first soloists Michal Štípa and Miho Ogimoto in Atlanta.

Congratulations for the great applaus and for the beautiful atmosphere of the evening RETURN TO FALL. The collaboration with Atlanta Ballet will continue in the season 2019 / 2020.

14. 9. 2018

Our first soloists Miho Ogimoto and Michal Štípa with Vertigo in Atlanta

We are very happy to inform that our first soloists Miho Ogimoto and Michal Štipa represents Mauro’s Bigonzetti VERTIGO duet in Atlanta.

The Artistic Director of Atlanta Ballet - Gennadi Nedvigin former principal dancer from San Fransisco Ballet have invited us to join their RETURN TO FALL performances. The program includes RETURN TO A STRANGE LAND Jiri Kylian VERTIGO Mauro Bigonzetti TCHAIKOVSKY PAS DE DEUX Balanchine DON QUIXOTE  Marius Petipa and WORLD PREMIERE by Ricardo Amarante.


We are exited about being ambassadors of National Theatre in Prague here in USA 


13. 9. 2018

New trailer for season 2018/2019 Traditionally & individually!

Our new trailer for season 2018/2019 created by Marco Chiodi is here. Gold of the history and the gloss of the present. Traditionally & individually!

31. 8. 2018

Our soloists will dance at the fashion show by designer Zuzana Kubíčková

Grande ballezza! On September 3 our dancers take part in Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week at Rudolfinum. The fashion show of a new couture collection by a successful designer Zuzana Kubickova is choreographed by our soloists Ondrej Vinklat and Marek Svobodnik. Enjoy this exceptional fusion of fashion and dance! Photo by Pavel Jený

22. 8. 2018

Three important progresses in the company for new season

Congratulations to three of our great dancers who dazzled in the last season and advanced to a higher level in our hierarchy. Adam Zvonar became first soloist, Kristyna Nemeckova soloist and Kristina Kornova demisoloist.