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Mária Júdová – Physicality in virtual space (workshop)Mária Júdová – Physicality in virtual space (workshop)
Laterna magika

In-between dance and technology (SK)

Mária Júdová


The New Stage
Laterna fest

Basic information


The New Stage

Approximate running time

4 hours, no intermission


New Stage – ballet hall I 10am–2pm

Introduction and programme

A workshop led by digital artist Mária Júdová based on an experimentation and exploration of what is the creative potential of Virtual Reality and volumetric recordings in the context of performing arts. The workshop contains a theoretical and practical part.


A workshop led by digital artist Mária Júdová, based on experimentation and exploring the possibilities of how virtual reality can be used creatively in the context of performance art.

The workshop is intended for choreographers, dancers and performers who want to learn how to use digital tools, such as virtual reality, in movement. Furthermore, it is open for filmmakers, directors and artists who are interested in movement.

At the beginning, Mária will present her work (Kykeon, Constellation of the flesh, Everywhen 360°) and show how she works with dance in virtual reality in her artistic work and research. She reveals the background of the creation of works, explains how and why she connects these worlds, and vice versa where she sees the limits of these collaborations.

The conceptual introduction will be followed by a practical part. Participants will explore what the body and technology can actually offer each other. They will create a short motion sequence for virtual reality, with the aim of being inspired and looking for ways in which digital tools can determine and shape further movement creation.

Mária Júdová

Mária Júdová is an independent visual artist who has been investigating the creative potential of technology for over a decade. She is particularly interested in exploring the intersection of digital and performance arts. Her work spans from (interactive) installations and Virtual Reality experiences to audio-visual performances. She received her BA in Digital Media at the Academy of Arts (SK) and MA at the Centre for Audiovisual Studies (CZ). She has worked with renowned bodies such as Choreographic Coding Lab (DE), Rambert Contemporary Dance Company (UK) and YCAM (JP). Her works have been presented worldwide and awarded by Japan Media Arts Festival (JP), B3 Biennale (DE), Nexon Computer Museum (Korea) and Zealous (UK).

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