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Fighting Monkey – Coordination, Collaboration, Communication (workshop)
Laterna magika

Inspire by Fighting Monkey – Coordination, Collaboration, Communication


The New Stage
Laterna fest

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    June 2022

    Friday 24. 6.

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    Laterna fest

    Basic information


    The New Stage

    Approximate running time

    5 hours, no intermission

    Venue and time

    New Stage – ballet hall
    Friday 24 – Saturday 25 June 2022 I 10am–3pm

    Introduction and programme

    Fighting Monkey is an applied practice for human development through movement.


    Fighting Monkey is an applied practice for human development through movement. The fundamental areas of the Fighting Monkey Practice concern the development of elastic body with plastic brain through unorthodox games that aim to provoke creativity and ingenuity and improve coordination and rhythm in the whole body and their crucial role both in the small (cellular level) and in the big scale (relations, habits and goals) of human life. It helps to slow the process of ageing by the ways allowing to preserve the health of joints and of the whole musculoskeletal system so that people enhance and sustain their mobility through time. The FM develops communication within oneself as well as with one’s social and physical environment with the aim to refine learning strategies and to create stories which will inspire and feed the vigour for life.

    The workshop will help the participants to understand the underlying principles of human motion and how stress and pressure affects their perception, behaviour and actions and how they can creatively adapt in complex and unexpected  situations. The participants will be pushed to think for themselves and get through critical moments by learning to improve their speed, memory, ability to cooperate, coordinate and make decisions when everything goes wrong.

    At the workshop, the participants will practically explore ways how to assume responsibility for the health of their organism and motor system in various  contexts. They will learn how to become more versatile in the approach to body preparation and warmups prior to training and competition, but also in everyday life.  



    Eliška Benešová is a dancer and pedagogue. She studied various dance techniques at the Prague Dance Conservatory, Duncan Centre Conservatory and abroad at the EPDM in Mexico. Since 2016, she has shared her experience from the dance world and the Fighting Monkey Practice as a tutor at dance schools or in co-operation with private studios and festivals. She is also an active creative artist.

    Jakub Zeman is a practitioner and tutor building on two decades of experience and studies within a variety of movement disciplines from martial arts through dance to sports and gymnastics.  Since 2015, he has studied intensely with the founders of the Fighting Monkey Practice (Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Fruček). He carries out research on movement and dance as the fundamental means of human communication and development. As a Fighting Monkey instructor, he helps his students cultivate a meaningful practice and practical philosophy as an anchor in the turbulent circumstances of their lives.

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