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The Old Actress´s Theatre

The performance is sold out.


Stage direction and Music: Jiří Vyšohlíd
Dramaturgy: Marta Ljubková
Stage, costume design and puppets: Luděk Joska

Puppet performance for children, no language barrier.

Foyer of the New Stage.

A performance in which action replaces words. Mowgli – it’s an Indian jungle, wild predators, insidious reptiles, a lost child and a caterpillar…

Mowgli ends up in the middle of a jungle full of traps and danger. What is a child who doesn’t even speak yet supposed to do in the world of wolves, snakes, tigers and other giant animals that even adults can hardly deal with? Can a small boy survive in the middle of the wilderness? However, the nature is far more colourful and interesting than it seems at first glance.

Mowgli is found in the jungle by a wolf. He gets to understand that someone has to look after Mowgli. Is he hungry? Would he like a bone? No, honey will be better. A bear gets involved and becomes Mowgli’s guardian. Still, Mowgli has to learn to survive alone so he sets out on exploration trips around the jungle. Gradually he starts to understand that a life in the wilderness requires wisdom and shrewdness even though at first he is rescued from any tricky situation by the bear who secretly watches every single Mowgli’s move. It would look like a paradise if it weren’t for a bad tiger circling around…

A story about courage and friendship cannot do without a bit of thrill and danger but it certainly can without useless words.
Based on Rudyard Kipling´s story

For children ages 3 – 10.

Approximate running time:
35 - 40 minutes, no intermission.


November 2019


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