Marta Ljubková

Marta Ljubková

Head Dramaturgist


Graduated from the Faculty of Liberal Arts of Charles University and the Academy of Performing Arts, where she currently lectures. Her main teaching interests are dramaturgy, history of scenography, and literary work.

She has worked as a publishing editor, a freelance dramaturg, a reviewer, and an editor. She specializes in contemporary prose and drama, as well as in post-dramatic writing.

She has served as the Head Dramaturgist of the National Theatre Drama since 2015, and she is a Program Director of the international theatre festival Prague Crossroads.


Current productions at the National Theatre:

 Další projekty:

  • Oedipus Rex (stage dir. M. Františák, National Theatre Brno, 2014)


Last update: January 2020

In the past

At Sea, Staring Up

Stage director

Š. Pácl (2017)

The Cremator

Stage director

J. Mikulášek (2016)

The Mouse Paradise Experiment

Stage director

J. Havelka (2016)


Stage director

D. Špinar (2015)

My Heart Beats to the Rhythm of Swing

Stage director

O. Havelka (2015)

Perfect Happiness or 1789

Stage director

V. Morávek (2014)