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Johann Wolfgang Goethe
An experience on the very cusp of hell...

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Translation: Radek Malý
Stage director: Jan Frič
Adaptation: Jan Frič, Marta Ljubková, Jan Tošovský
Dramaturgy: Marta Ljubková, Jan Tošovský
Sets: Dragan Stojčevski
Costumes: Linda Boráros
Music: Jakub Kudláč
Light design: Martin Špetlík
Sound design: Kryštof Blabla
Videoprojection: Janek Růžička, Jan Truhlář
Special effects: David Krejčík

Can the world exist without action? The most demanding, impossible to perform, complex – in two parts to boot ... A play as the uppermost challenge placed before us by Goethe, as well as the dramatic tradition spanning centuries and including numerous adaptations of the myth about trespassing human limits. We raise the question of what makes Faust our contemporary, what temptations he would have to face today. And how much of the classical opus can actually be transferred to the stage at the beginning of the 21st century. A brand-new treatment, a brand-new Faust.

Approximate running time, including intermission:
3 hours, 20 minutes, one 20-minute intermission


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