Jan Tošovský

Jan Tošovský



He has been a member of the dramaturgy team of the National Theatre Drama since September 2012.


Current productions at the National Theatre:

  • Cosmos (stage dir. I. Buraj, New Stage, 2019)
  • Speech to the Nation (stage dir. P. Tejnorová, New Stage, 2019)
  • Nightwork (stage dir. J. Mikulášek, Estates Theatre, 2019)
  • Beware of Pity (stage dir. D. Špinar, Estates Theatre, 2018)
  • Faust (stage dir. J. Frič, Estates Theatre, 2018)
  • Cube (stage dir. P. Knolle, New Stage, 2017)
  • Marysha (stage dir. J. Mikulášek, National Theatre, 2017)
  • The Blue Bird (stage dir. Š. Pácl, Estates Theatre, 2015)


Last update: January 2020

In the past

New Atlantis

Stage director

J. Adámek (2018)

The Miller’s Monkey

Stage director

Š. Pácl (2017)

Press Space to Continue

Stage director

J. Frič (2016)

Love and Information

Stage director

P. Tejnorová (2016)

Earthquakes in London

Stage director

D. Špinar (2015)

Post Velvet

Stage director

J. Adámek (2014)