Drama The New Stage

New Century

Paul Rudnick


Translation: Jan Tošovský
Stage director: Braňo Holiček
Dramaturgy: Ilona Smejkalová
Sets: Nikola Tempír
Costumes: Lenka Odvárková
Lighting design: Martin Špetlík
Motion cooperation: Barbora Brandejsová

Helene, a traditional Jewish woman, is the mother of three children – a lesbian, a transsexual and a leather fetishist. Charles and his assistant Shane perform in a gay television show, titled Will & Grace. Following her homosexual son’s death of AIDS, Barbara has found succour in needlework ... Turning round of the seeming stereotypes results in a surprising effect, by means of which the author not only mocks homophobia, but ridicules the contemporary vague sexual identity and the perverse pleasure found (by some women) in “creating from anything”, a permanent home recycling. What actually is and what is not normal? And are we entitled to judge at all? Are we not just victims of our own prejudice?

Approximate running time: 1hour, 30 minutes, no intermission.


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