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New media and dynamic chreography in a dance project by young artists

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Stage director: Pavel Knolle
Script: Pavel Knolle, Štěpán Pechar, David Stránský
Sets and Costumes: Pavel Knolle
Choreography: Štěpán Pechar, David Stránský
Music: Jan Šikl
Dramaturgy: Jan Tošovský
Projections, mapping: Jan Hladil, František Pecháček
Assistant choreographer: Zuzana Herényiová
Photography: Marek Brožek
Edit: Marek Brožek

Recommended for audience 15+

Cube is a one-hour show within the successful LaternaLAB, a project that has primarily found inspiration in original Laterna magika productions, blending together film images and live performance. It makes use of the current video mapping from several projectors placed in different spots. The visual composition draws upon the motif of the “cube”, in all kinds of possible variants that surround us. Owing to its structure and the potentialities provided by 3D visualisation, the Rubik’s Cube will represent one of the main motifs. By means of a very simple basic scenography and detailed, accurately focused projection, it is possible to markedly change its perspective, movement and surface, thus affecting the overall space, dynamism and time. A modern and precise choreography enhances the film illusion and, vice versa, the film illusion supports the performer’s movement on the stage.

In 2017, Cube was presented at the festival Theatre World Brno, in 2018 international theatre festival Without Borders in Český Těšín/Czeski Cieszyn and in June 2019 at the international festival BABEL FAST in Romania, Targoviste, where the performance won the price for the Best Show of the festival.

Approximate running time:
1 hour, no intermission.

Recommended for 15+

What visitors say:

"Der Titelunserer Vorstellung hieß "Cube" und war eine Mischung aus modernem Tanz und Videoprojektion. Die Effekte, die daraus entstanden, erstaunten und überraschten. Ein herzliches Bravo den Tänzern für ihre Leistung und ein ebenso herzliches Dankeschön dem technischen Personal." (Swisslady2014, TripAdvisor 2.10.2018)

"Watched "cube". Amazing experience - the perfect mix between technology & art. Highly recommend it" (Patricia Prato Casado, Facebook 14.5.2017)

What media say:

"The performance comes across as modern in all respects: as regards the variety of interpretation of its sections, the dance phraseology, as well as the application of state-of-the-art technologies. (…) The audiences can see alternating techniques, with some of the images being kick-started by music, while others are fired up by a physical action or film simulation. They are afforded the opportunity to create their own associations, with the result being that the one-hour show seems to go by very quickly. Cube may make one feel constrained, yet on the other hand it features a large-scale architecture and forces one to think, provides a source for play."

"Cube represents the area within which the lives of all of us take place. It is a symbol, as well as a real shape, within which we all move around – in our flats, in our workplaces, in the basic delimitation of space."

"I must admit that I admire the courage with which the young dancers embarked upon the project. And I equally praise the way in which they have evolved the experience they had gained during their previous encounters with audio-visual performances. What’s more, I highly appreciate the fact that they have presented to the Laterna magika audience an enlightened and refined rendezvous with contemporary dance."

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