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Laterna for Camera

The Laterna for Camera cycle is a new Laterna magika project whose aim it is to encourage and initiate creation of new films and other audio-visual works. The 2020/21 season, during which we had virtually no opportunity to perform before an audience, saw the birth of the idea of shooting a film of the specific “dance for camera” genre. Titled New Normal, we will make it available to viewers online before the end of the current season.

The creation of the film gave rise to great enthusiasm, so we decided to launch a special long-term “dance for camera” series. Laterna magika is not just theatre, it can overarch a plethora of artistic activities, while remaining Laterna magika. Encompassing a variety of genres, it can make use of novel types of creation, new communication channels. A year amidst a pandemic has shown us the importance of being online for our fans; hence we resolved to support talent and pursue new projects in this manner too.

Laterna for Camera will not feature just a single type of form, it intends to reflect Laterna magika’s multi-genre nature. Within the cycle, we may conceive cinematic versions of stage works, art films, pure visual art … The major role will be assigned to picture and sound, animation, abstraction, digital art and virtual reality – everything is possible. It does not matter whether the resulting work will last an hour or whether it will be a two-minute appeal, like a signal flare. Decisive for us are bold ideas and zest for experimentation.