General Data Protection Regulation

Cookies, pixels and common technologies

Administrator's Websites store small text cookie files or contain image transparent pixel tags and similar technologies for collecting data from browsers and Website visitor's devices (hereinafter referred to as cookies) for a short or long-time to the web browser or visitor's device.

The necessary functional cookies of the administrator ensure, for example, the possibility of signing in and registering to a user account or not missing the shopping cart when adding purchase items. These data are processed by the trustee out of necessity for the fulfillment of the purchase contract and from the legitimate interest to ensure the functionality of the product offer and their possible purchase.

No necessary functional cookies by the administrator evaluate traffic and help improve website functionality, memorize the language and other user settings. In order to optimize the website, to create user profiles and to improve its services, the administrator uses the analytics tools, especially Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Data obtained from analytical cookies used by these tools are anonymized. These data are handled by the administrator for legitimate interest.

To customize the advertisement and to deliver the relevant advertising message based on the user's behavior when visiting the Website, the cookies of advertising and social networks are used by the administrator, especially Facebook Pixel, Sklik or Google Adwords. The data obtained from these remarketing cookies are anonymized. The administrator passes data to advertising and social networks based on the Website visitor's consent.

When function cookies are disabled, the visitor cannot make full use of its functionality. When an analytic cookies are turned off, the visitor loses the possibility of customizing the offer, in the case of remarketing cookies, the benefits of delivering relevant advertising content. The Website visitor declares consent to relay data from remarketing cookies to advertising and social networks by setting up a browser. Browser settings also affect the functionality of other cookies.

The administrator's web site may contain embedded social network buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest. Using a pasted social network button (such as the I Like button) can transfer the data from the browser and visitor's device to a social network. The website visitor declares the consent to this transfer by using the button ACCEPT.


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