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The National Theatre for Children

Discounted entrance fees for performances in the 2022/2023 season:

  • 50% discount for children under 15 on all seats in the halls in all our buildings for ballet, drama and Laterna magika performances
  • 50% discount for children under 15 on all seats in the halls in all our buildings for opera performances until the end of December 2022 (from January 2023 the discount applies to reserved seats for opera performances*)
  • The discount does not apply to an accompanying person.

* State Opera - ground floor rows 14-18, II. balcony | National Theatre – ground floor rows 11-13, II. balcony, I. and II. gallery | Estates Theatre – ground floor rows 12-16, I. and II. gallery | New scene - all seats in the hall

At the same time, we would like to inform you that the evening performances are not suitable for children under 5 years of age.

Discount cannot be applied to productions in a special mode (Bouquet, The Audience, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker - A Christmas Story) - there is a 30% discount for children under 15 and only for afternoon performances. Discount also does not apply to rentals, guest ensembles and special projects for schools.

Entitlement to a discount is proven when entering the theatre. When visiting the theatre, students and young audiences under the age of 26 can also take advantage of a 50% discount on reserved seats for all ND performances.

Do you need advice? We are here for you every day:
Telephone: +420 224 901 448


The Blue Bird
7+, The Estates Theatre
The most famous text by Flemish symbolist, the Nobel Prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck, is one of the most impressive allegory of world literature, and therefore speaks to both adult and child audiences.


Swan Lake
7+, The State Opera
The white swan and the black swan. Joy and despair, purity and temptation, the Prince’s love and false vow. A dark lake and even darker spells and snares … One of the most celebrated  classical ballets, Swan Lake is cherished for P. I. Tchaikovsky’s sublime music, as well as for its depicting an immortal story of unrequited love. Will Prince Siegfried honour the promise he gave to his beloved, or will be betray her and sell his soul? 

The Nutcracker - A Christmas Carol
5+, National Theatre
The choreographer Youri Vámos’s highly popular production for the whole family is a splendid celebration of Christmas, bearing the profound message that kindness and compassion can make the people around you happy. The Yuletide magic is so overwhelming that it even softens the hardened heart of the eccentric misanthrope Scrooge. The Fairy of Christmas is aware of that power, as is little Clara, who so desires to get a nutcracker as a Christmas present …  

La Fille mal gardée
7+, The State Opera
Will the wild young Lise fight for her love despite her desperately overprotective mother? Will she marry her beloved Colas? Or will she listen to her mother’s words and accept Alain who is wealthy but a little bit “out of his head”? La Fille mal gardée (The Wayward Daughter) is one of the oldest ballets (it was created in 1789), it is still widely staged and hugely popular. Why is that? Because it celebrates the joy of life and – above all – love. It is colorful and full of humor, dancers make audiences smile. 

The Sleeping Beauty 
7+, The State opera
The famous story of the cursed Princess has been retold by numerous artists. The Brazilian choreographer Marcia Haydée’s adaptation ranks among the most mesmerising. The production is a magnificent spectacle, featuring fancy, refined costumes, and, as a proper a fairy tale should, concludes with a happy ending. The Sleeping Beauty delights children and adults alike, it is a treat for all classical ballet fans. 

Leonce & Lena
10+, the Estate Theatre
A satire veiled in humour tells the story of Leonce, Prince of Popo, a melancholic, jaded young man, and Lena, the beautiful Princess of Pipi, who had their political marriage arranged upon their birth. They revolt against the decision made by their fathers, yet ultimately fall in love with each other. The German choreographer Christian Spuck’s humorous ballet with a social undertone provides great entertainment for the whole family.


nsel und Gretel
5+, The State Opera
The production is directed by Matěj Forman, who has created the magical sets for La Belle et la Bête and Enchantia. The fairy-tale opera for the whole family is performed in Czech with English subtitles.

The Cunning Little Vixen
7+, The National Theatre
What happens after the forester brings home a little vixen from the woods? The story of the vixen, her growing up and regaining freedom. And of the schoolmaster’s difficulties with love, reminiscences of the priest, and how the forester ultimately encounters the vixen again.

7+, The State Opera
The moving story of a hapless water nymph who has left her world to live amidst the humans, driven by a desire for love. The production is staged by the renowned director of movies for children Zdeněk Troška.

Laterna Magika

The Wonderful Circus
5+, The New Stage
Welcome to our miraculous circus where you can travel to find the mysterious beauty Venus, experiencing numerous adventures.
Nonverbal performance

The Garden
7+ , The New Stage
Every one of us had a special place as a kid to experience first adventures and discoveries. Our dancers found such garden as adults and by the means of dance, captivating music and ingenious projections they plunge into their memories of childhood and the world of imagination. You are cordially invited to join them!
Nonverbal performance

Paper Story
4+, The New Stage
A poetic production about the frail world we ourselves create, suitable for the whole family. The main role is assigned to paper, playfulness and children’s imagination.