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Dance school of Dana Gregorová I DollDance school of Dana Gregorová I Doll
Dance school of Dana Gregorová


About a little doll who danced her way there and back through the world of fantasy.

The New Stage

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The New Stage


Dance school of Dana Gregorová

The story of a doll, abandoned by her little girl in the playground, who, in her desire for adventure, and consumed by her own curiosity, discovers the beauty of the world of fantasy. On her way, she visits places where steps turn into dance, sounds into melody and wishes into reality.


  • 2023-2024


That early evening was seemingly ordinary, like any other. Children are playing on the playground. They dance, jump, play Eeny Meeny Miney Mo, just as the small children do. But it's time to go home, have dinner and go to bed. The little girl, whose name we do not know, is also looking forward to seeing her mother. She is already calling her: "Hello, come home...".

As soon as the little girl hears this, she leaves the huddle of her playmates and happily runs to her mother. But, sadly, a small doll is left on the ground, the little girl’s look-alike. She is alone, abandoned.

"Oh yeah, she left me here again. This happens to her so often. And I'm always sad afterwards... one can’t do this, forget us dolls like that. We also have our joys and dreams... We can't keep waiting for little girls to notice us."

"Be alone? Sometimes, that's actually fine! All the dreams that can come true for me. What if I decided to travel more? Now that no one needs me, it may actually be so easy!”

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