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Human Locomotion

A visual-motion show inspired by the life of a famous photographer

The New Stage
Modern adaptation
Contemporary Theatre

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    Basic information


    The New Stage

    Approximate running time

    1 hour 20 minutes, no intermission


    February 6, 2014


    All projections in Human Locomotion were created only from original photographs taken by Eadweard Muybridge himself.

    The ambitious project of the SKUTR tandem of stage directors focuses on the story of the world-renowned photographer Eadweard Muybridge, a pioneer in photography and film, the inventor of chronophotography, the electromagnetic shutter timer, the zoopraxiscope ...


    • 2020-2021


    Jan Kodet
    Sets, Costumes and Lighting design
    Jakub Kopecký
    Set assistant
    Jana Morávková
    Jakub Kopecký
    Assistant choreographer
    Zuzana HrzalováPavel Knolle


    When a man in 19th-century America shot dead his wife’s lover, he was quite likely to be acquitted. As was the photographer Muybridge ...

    Eadweard Flora
    A wager
    A gunshot

    Muybridge hailed from England, yet he went on to gain recognition in the United States. Owing to having invented a fast shutter mechanism, he resolved the question raised by businessmen and race-horse owners, who had made a wager pertaining to whether all four feet of a horse were off the ground at the same time when it was galloping. Muybridge was obsessed with capturing light and mastering time. Dedicated to his work, he neglected his young wife, who found comfort in the arms of a lover, but... Visually bold images, speaking through dance and movement, engrossing music and lighting design, scenographic details – we tell Eadweard Muybridge’s story in a singular way, recasting 19th-century America into 21st-century theatre.

    Recommended for audience 15+

    What visitors say:

    "I saw Human Locomotion 2 September 2016. It was a great experience and I love it." (JongSeok Ryu, 2.3.2016, Facebook reviews)

    "This performance was my wife's Valentine's Day treat this year. She's a dancer herself, and very much appreciated the level of skill displayed, and the beautiful choreography. The story revolved around the dramatic life of Edward Muybridge. We particularly enjoyed the (human) horses and the 'stop-motion' wrestlers. Definitely a show we'd like to see again." (keithl_turner, 16.3.2016 TripAdvisor)

    "Eadweard Helios Muybridge story was magnificient! Great dancers, excellent choreography and music. The storyline was easy to follow and it was just a great experience in all. The tickets were really not given justice to the performance, less than 23 euros per ticket and the dancers gave it all. Lovely chairs :)" (Jayman63, 4.5.2015 TripAdvisor)

    ""Human Locomotion" ist ganz neu im Programm und sehr empfehlenswert, 80 min. beste Unterhaltung. Ich empfehle ein Programm zu kaufen für das nötige Verständnis.Wir waren drei Frauen im Alter von 30,40 und 50 und es hat jeder gefallen. Tanztheater auf ganz hohem Niveau mit super Musik indem die Handlung nicht zu kurz kommt." (uller_2015, 28.4.2015 TripAdvisor)

    "This group is unique - there show is a combination of theatre, ballet and multimedia effects. We saw a show called "Human Locomotion" which describes that complicated life of Henry Mybridge who actually invented the photo cinema. It recommended to read in Wikipedia about his life prior to the show. It was a magnificent show, that offers a real cultural value to the Prague visit. " (Amirflg, 17.3.2015 TripAdvisor)

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    By their appearance, attire and behaviour, the audience is obliged to adhere to the accustomed practice expected from them when attending a theatre performance.

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    Buffets on the New Stage

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