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Laterna magika

Land of Body

Premiere performances: 10 and 11 November 2022

The New Stage

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    Basic information


    The New Stage

    Approximate running time

    1 hour 10 minutes, no intermission


    November 10, 2022

    A celebration of beauty and life.

    The production blends cutting-edge film technologies, classical and contemporary dance, physical theatre, hand to hand and aerial acrobatics.


    • 2023-2024


    Theme, choreography and staging
    Radim Vizváry
    Dramaturgy, Assistant stage director
    Hana Strejčková
    Costume design
    Petra Vlachynská
    Light design
    Karel Šimek
    Sound design
    Jan Brambůrek
    Film direction
    Tereza Vejvodová
    Antoan Pepelanov
    Film producer
    Jindřich Trčka


    The production is conceived as a movement and visual poem celebrating the human body perceived as a metaphor for landscape. 
    It emphasizes its beauty, as well as differences, underlines vitality and fragility and reveals vulnerability in physical expression. The Land of Body portrays an intrinsic dialogue between old age and youth, accentuating love and mutual relations. Through references to myths and rituals, the production invokes the unity of humans and nature. Three generations of outstanding artists show their skills on the stage in different disciplines.  The authors thus explore permeability of the defined genres to create an artistic form on the edge of theatre and fine arts. Resembling a gallery of physical images that follow human beings on their path from childhood to the old age, the Land of Body evokes associations inviting the audience to construe their own stories. The poetic production combines pantomime, physical theatre, classical dance and breakdance, ground and air acrobatics with film technology. 

    WARNING: A stroboscope is used in the performance.
    The production does not require any language knowledge.
    The production is appropriate for age 12 and over.

    Prepared in the partnership with the National Theatre Benefactors’ Club
    Laterna magika would like to thank Cirqueon for renting it its premises for rehearsals.

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