Čert a Káča

The Devil and Kate

Antonín Dvořák

Basic information

Approximate running time

2 hours 45 minutes, 2 intermission 20 minutes


In Czech, English subtitles


September 21, 2003

The theme of this charming fairy-tale opera is taken over from Božena Němcová's folk tale of the same name about the brazen and fearless Kate, the wily shepherd Jirka and the duped devil Marbuel.

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Musical preparation
Bohumil Gregor
Stage director
Marián Chudovský
Sets and Costumes
Adolf Born
Chorus preparation
Milan Malý
Chorus master
Pavel Vaněk
Daniel Wiesner


National Theatre Orchestra
National Theatre Chorus
Ballet of the National Theatre Opera

Antonín Dvořák’s two most successful operas, The Devil and Kate, and Rusalka, are based on fairy-tale motifs. Blending folk and humorous with lyrical and fantasy elements is one of the typical (and still very popular) traits of Czech dramatic creation. Dvořák created a masterly patchwork of contrasting scenes – folksy, breezy, fiendishly fervent and courtly noble.

Owing to the inspired invention with musical motifs and orchestra instrumentation, The Devil and Kate is a thoroughly original work from beginning to end, one that surpasses Dvořák’s previous operas in many respects.

Adolf Born's exquisite sets and costumes bear the hallmark of this original and popular artist.

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