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The Little Prince

One of the best known stories of global modern literature on stage

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Stage director: Vladimír Morávek
Script: Petr Oslzlý, Vladimír Morávek
Sets: Daniel Dvořák
Costume design, puppets and masks: Sylva Hanáková
Music: Zbyněk Matějů
Dramaturgy: Lucie Němečková
Choreography: Libor Vaculík
Photography: Matěj Cibulka
Projections: Šimon Koudela
Sound design: Ivo Špalj
Assistant choreographer: Zuzana Hrzalová, Pavel Knolle
Assistant stage director: Kristian Mejstřík

Recommended for audience 12+

Who has not read The Little Prince, one of the best-known stories of global modern literature? The author and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella, first published in 1943 and ranking among the 50 best-selling books in the world, is far more than just a fairy tale. Even though generally classified as literature for children, The Little Prince yields a parable that has become especially popular among adult readers. The simple tale juxtaposes the current world, which is driven by the endeavour to control nature, the dominance of technology, materialism and selfishness, with the pure view of a boy. The young hero finds sense in other things – friendship and love. He discovers them during his wanderings across seven planets, with the children’s universe clashing with that of the grown-ups.

Our production combines the multi-screen technique with live acting, dance, music, song, and film projections. The tale lacks nothing of that which the audience expects: the terrestrial desert and the pilot, the inhabitants of the seven planets: the King, the Vain Man, the Drunkard, the Businessman, the Lamplighter, the Geographer or the Rose. Yet it goes without saying that the original theatre production harbours numerous surprises!

Approximate running time, including intermission: 1 hour, 50 minutes, one 20-minute intermission.
The performance uses in German and English subtitles.

The auspices of the production have been taken by the Ambassador of the French Republic to the Czech Republic, H.E. Mr. Jean-Pierre Asvazadourian.


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