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As Far as I See

Playful piece for the whole family opens up door to the world of imagination

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Screenplay, animation and staging: Maria Procházková
Choreography: Zdeněk Prokeš, Barbora Mandys Pauerová
Music: Marek Doubrava
Sets: Jan Novotný
Costumes: Simona Rybáková
Photography: Martin Štěpánek
Edit: Marek Opatrný
Sound: Jan Čeněk
Dramaturgy: Jolana Součková

When Agátka was born, she could not see. Hence, in order to get to know the world around her, she had to touch it. In her imagination, trees have arms, rain drops possess faces and post boxes bite. By means of its wizardry, Laterna magika allows you to peep together with Agátka into a fantastic inimitable world you won’t be able to see elsewhere! The new production has been helmed by the director and animator Maria Procházková, famous for the films Who’s Afraid of the Wolf, Shark in the Head, etc.

Performance for children 5+.

Approximate running time:
55 minutes, no intermission.

Performed in Czech language only.

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