Prague Crossroads Festival

The founding of Prague Crossroads festival was held in 2016 to commemorate the late president and playwright Václav Havel, who would have turned eighty that year. Now, it has become a well-established annual international theatre event, building on the intellectual legacy of the artist and politician to whom the festival is dedicated, while simultaneously looking into the future and trying to find answers to questions of the contemporary theatre. How does it look? What is its image? What genres, forms, topics does it show? Where does foreign theatre head towards, and what inspiration can we draw from it?

Our aim is to invite ground-breaking artists, organise meetings with them and hold discussions between artists and theoreticians so that the Prague Crossroads Festival at least partly reflects how we perceive theatre: as a means of live communication taking place here and now. The program of the opening festival year was firm and fixed for autumn to coincide with Václav Havel’s birthday. Later, we realised – especially in the light of the tight autumn schedule – that it would be better to bring foreign theatre artists during the entire season and thus offer regular visiting performances to a wider circle of audience. 

The fourth Prague Crossroads Festival is about to begin and present (if circumstances allow) extraordinary Belgian, French, and German performances, as well as many accompanying events. All the events will take place at the New Stage of the National Theatre and will be held throughout the whole season.


Marta Ljubková

Sodja Lotker

Season 2020/2021


Festival Programme 2019


Photos from the all editions of the Prague Crossroads Festival

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