The art of giving

Being a benefactor is a state of mind, not about the state of your bank balance.

How to become a benefactor

The National Theater launched a new philanthropic project “Armchair to the Opera”.

Theatre lovers will have a unique opportunity to connect their names with the National Theatre brand and to philanthropically support the State Opera’s reconstruction by adopting a seat in its auditorium.

Sponsoring seats will be possible by companies and individuals alike.

Sponsoring seats will be divided into several categories, with the financial support ranging between CZK 15,000 to 100,000. The contributed amount depends on the respective seat in the auditorium and the benefits the sponsor will acquire as a reward from the National Theatre.

The major benefit will be a golden plaque bearing the sponsor‘s name to be placed on the selected seat.

During September 2019, you will find here the link to the project’s website, on which you will be able to choose your seat.

You can reserve individual seats now.

Please contact the Manager of the National Theatre Benefactors’ Club if you would like to know more about this project.

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