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New Stage magnetic jigsaw puzzle

A souvenir magnetic jigsaw from the Put Together Your World (Sestav si svůj svět®) series
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Put Together Your World (Sestav si svůj svět®) – an image that will remind you of the places you have visited, the sights you have seen, and that which you experienced there ...  Every part of the magnetic jigsaw interlocks with any of the other parts, thus making it possible for you to create a unique reminiscent decoration that can be further extended and changed.

The New Stage of the National Theatre resides in a Brutalist building, whose construction commenced in 1977 and was completed in 1983. At the time, the National Theatre was being refurbished, while new development of the space between the historical venue and the St Ursula Convent, vacated by the demolition of three dilapidated Kaur Houses, was being addressed. According to the original plan, three new buildings were to occupy the open space, housing theatre offices, a restaurant and a social centre, respectively. Yet the project was reassessed, owing to the set designer Josef Svoboda, who strove to acquire an independent residence for the Laterna magika company and succeeded in instigating a critical discussion about the use of the new building, with the result being major modifications. The task of designing the new building was assigned to the architect Karel Prager. 

Ever since its completion, the New Stage has been one of the most passionately discussed buildings in Prague. It is divided into two sections – the one adjoining the Baroque convent is discreet, transparent, with a smooth coat of solar-control glazing, the other stands on huge pillars and is panelled with over 4,000 glass pieces of diverse shape, designed by Stanislav Libenský, which afford the New Stage its truly striking, peculiar sculpture-like looks.

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National Theatre magnetic jigsaw puzzle

A souvenir magnetic jigsaw from the Put Together Your World (Sestav si svůj svět®) series

40 Kč