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Drama? Drama! - workshop

Creative workshop
Families with children (10+)

Basic information

Approximate running time

3 hours, 1 intermission


In Czech


Rehearsal room and stage of the Estates Theatre

Participants meet 10 minutes before the start of the workshop by the Estates Theatre main entrance.

A creative workshop to help you learn what it is to make drama.

What happens in the theatre in daytime? Why do actors wish each other to “break a leg”? Why is it forbidden to whistle in the auditorium? And why does drama exist?

This workshop introduces theatre in a fun and interactive way. It is composed of three parts. We begin with a “Treasure hunt” in the Estates Theatre where you have a chance to peek under the covers of the auditorium. Then we move through the underground tunnel to the rehearsal space where the second part of the workshop, “Professions”, takes place. We will briefly visit the workdays of an actor, a director, a costume designer, and a set designer.

In the third and most interactive part, “Action!”, the group splits into four teams and each team gets to become one theatre professional. The actors prepare a short performance with the director, the scenographers create an art installation inside a set design theatre model, the costume designers design a theatre costume, and the set technicians prepare the stage for the actors. The final part of the workshop is a grand premiere!

Workshop duration: 180 min
Target group: children 8-18 years
Minimal occupancy: 18 participants
Maximal capacity: 30 participants
Fee: 100 Kč
Meeting: 10 minutes before the start by the main entrance to the Estates Theatre

For information about dates and bookings please contact Zuzana Kráľová |


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