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The Idiot - main campaign photo

The Idiot

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky

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Suitable for graduation
Famous draft
Modern adaptation
Contemporary Theatre

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Online premiere TBA

After returning from a sanatorium, the young Prince Myshkin, an impoverished epileptic, faces such unexpected and strange encounters that his mental illness relapses. Failing to understand his infinite kindness and guilelessness, the people he comes across erroneously assume that he lacks intelligence and is indeed an idiot. But is it not those worldly characters who are actually sick?


  • 2021-2022


Libor Dvořák
Dramatization and stage direction
Daniel Špinar
Lighting design
Karel Šimek
Jakub Jelen


Dostoyevsky brings into the corrupted society full of schemers, careerists and self-seekers an atypical hero, into whom he projected his idea of a good and beautiful man, sincere and innocently credulous. A man who keeps hoping and loving.


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The Idiot
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