Giuseppe Verdi

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    Thursday 30. 4.

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    Approximate running time

    2 hours 50 minutes, 1 intermission 20 minutes


    In Italian, Czech, English subtitles


    June 11, 2015


    Musical preparation
    Jiří Štrunc
    Stage director
    Martin Čičvák
    Chorus master
    Pavel Vaněk
    Motion cooperation
    Tomáš Krivošík


    State Opera Orchestra
    State Opera Chorus

    Rampant ambition, inordinate lust for power and mysterious oracles – these are the ingredients of the psychological opera thriller and the first of the three unique creative unions between Giuseppe Verdi and William Shakespeare. Throughout his life, the Italian master was an ardent admirer of the Elizabethan playwright and when in the summer of 1846 he sought the subject for his tenth opera, he chose Macbeth. A supreme operatic dramatist, Verdi recognised how much potential the story of the corrupting force of power offered and Piave’s libretto consistently respected the play’s story line.

    In Macbeth, Verdi started pursuing the path towards musical drama, in which singing is subordinate to the situation and reflects the characters’ psychology and inner emotions, with the dramatic content being far more important than bel canto. Immediately after its premiere on 14 March 1847 at the Teatro alla Pergola in Florence, Macbeth set out on its triumphal journey across Europe and was staged in the original form until 1865, when Verdi substantially revised it for the Paris performance at the Théâtre-Lyrique.

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