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Anna Karasińska

Basic information


  • 2023-2024
  • 2024-2025


Stage director
Anna Karasińska
Sets and costumes
Paula Grocholska
Magda Ptasznik
Light design
Szymon Kluz


It’s the kind of play that cannot be recounted: it’s micro-theatre by Anna Karasińska. The man on the bus who held the handrail before me; the person who packed your box of raisins in a faraway country; a man who dived into a river in Chinese Xi’an. What do they have in common? They’re all characters in Fantasia, yet none of them appear on stage. They exist solely in the minds of the director, the actors and the audience. "Let’s say we organized a meeting of a certain number of people who wouldn’t meet otherwise, or wouldn’t notice meeting one another even if they met. It’s hard to say whether they are theatre characters or fictional people. They appear at the contact point between the viewers’ and actors’ imaginations; they interact with each other; accompany each other, and disappear," says Anna Karasińska. Don’t expect roles or elaborate productions. The events play out on an empty stage with the bare minimum of a set. The actors don’t pretend they are not actors; they speak directly to the audience, breaking the wall between the stage and the house. Approximate running time: 60 minutes, no intermission. In Polish with English and Czech surtitles. TR WARSZAWA TR Warszawa programs integrate residents of Warsaw and visitors into the city’s cultural life, joining other theatres and cultural institutions in shaping a 21st-century civic identity and building Warsaw’s international position as an important centre of artistic life. It is a theatre that has carved out a space for itself on the map of Warsaw cultural institutions. The ensemble led by Grzegorz Jarzyna has developed contemporary stage forms and a new language of theatre. A number of artists, actors, producers and managers who are shaping polish theatre today gained their experience while working in the theatre. TR Warszawa’s continuous development and artistic explorations mean that it plays an important role in creating culture. It generates new talents and ideas for the theatre. It raises socially important issues that have not yet been addressed on the stage, and develops the competences of the audience and the professional skills of theatre professionals; TR Warszawa integrates new circles of participants in culture, building solid relations with them in the national and international worlds of art. It engages in innovative forms of dialogue with the audience, performing both on its two stages, TR Warszawa/Marszałkowska 8 and TR Warszawa/ATM Studio, as well as hosting at other venues, in other cultural institutions and organizations, and in non-theatrical premises. With the kind support of the Polish Institute in Prague.

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