Dress ME How YOU Like

Dress ME How YOU Like

Rima Najdi

Dear spectators,

The National Theatre operates at full capacity and all purchased tickets remain valid. However, it is obligatory to wear a face mask or other similar protection of the nose and mouth inside the theatre.

Spectators entrance, stay in the theatre and the subsequent exit is organized by the theatre staff in a special mode so that the visitors of the individual sectors are separated from each other and do not have to meet even in the areas of refreshments, restrooms or cloak rooms.

Thank you for respecting the government regulations and we look forward to seeing you.

Basic information


Concept and Stage direction
Rima Najdi


Are you into hummus, harems, and AK-47s? Are you into sexy falafel sandwiches that do not question your freedom? Do you wish to engage in and witness a political Arab show? Do you have an aspiration to see an authentic Arab woman recently transplanted from her natural habitat? Do you fancy that Shisha smoke traverse rigid boundaries? Do you want to taste indigenous Arabica flavours? Join Ms. Falafella in her tent. Help to style and design her look and stance. Cover her with clothes, jewellery, accessories and more. Make Ms. Falafella pose. Take a photo for Ms. Falafella. Take a photo with Ms. Falafella. Inspired by Hollywood movies and Arab women, Dress ME How YOU Like is a participatory performance that aims to research the image created about Arab women through their attire. The hand-made clothes are based on impersonation of Arab women by Western women in popular media (commercials, music videos, films, etc.). Participants join Ms. Falafella, dress her with a variety of hand-made clothes and accessories, make her pose and look as they like. Some takes photographs for/with her. No language barrier The performance takes place every 30 minutes for groups of 2-8 spectators; a ticket needs to be purchased for a specific time slot. Only in English, without translation, but it is not language-based and our guide will help you to communicatewith Ms. Falafella.