Prague Crossroads The New Stage

Dress ME How YOU Like

Rima Najdi

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The performance will be filmed for documentary and informational purposes in accordance with the National Theater Processing and Privacy Policy.

Are you into hummus, harems, and AK-47s? Are you into sexy falafel sandwiches that do not question your freedom? Do you wish to engage in and witness a political Arab show? Do you have an aspiration to see an authentic Arab woman recently transplanted from her natural habitat? Do you fancy that Shisha smoke traverse rigid boundaries? Do you want to taste indigenous Arabica flavours?
Join Ms. Falafella in her tent. Help to style and design her look and stance.
Cover her with clothes, jewellery, accessories and more. Make Ms. Falafella pose. Take a photo for Ms. Falafella. Take a photo with Ms. Falafella.

The performance takes place every 30 minutes for groups of 2-8 spectators; tickets have to be bought for an exact time slot.

Only in English, without translation.


to be announced.

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