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All Ears

Kate McIntosh (New Zealand / Belgium)

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New Stage – Operations Building B 
New Stage – Building B is a non-theatrical, unheated venue. Therefore we recommend you warm clothing or blanket

Discussion with artists after the performance in the auditorium.


The performance will be filmed for documentary and informational purposes in accordance with the National Theater Processing and Privacy Policy.

For All Ears Kate McIntosh sets up the stage as an improvised ad-hoc laboratory for a series of unusual recordings and acoustic experiments, using everyday objects and materials. Chairs are dragged, paper is torn, glasses are toppled. Sounds are gathered, recorded and played back – the action of one part of the performance providing soundtrack, background or atmosphere for another part. Along the way McIntosh – as combination curious scientist, mischievous questioner and eclectic storyteller – leads us on a distinctive journey through a diverse landscape of ideas.
All Ears is driven by McIntosh's ongoing fascination with destruction and creation, sense and nonsense, the whole and the fractured - by her playfulness with the audience, and her love of theatrical images. With an off-beat humour and moments of lucid thought, the performance balances on the thin line between experiment and entertainment.

80 minutes, in English with Czech surtitles.


to be announced.

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