Prague Crossroads

Happy New Fear

Rima Najdi

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Created: Rima Najdi
Sets: Ana Nieves Moya
Music: Kathy Alberici

Happy New Fear is a multimedia performance that blends elements of experimental music, sound art, visual projections and live radio drama as it follows Madame Bomba and her search for her lover in the city, a stranger who exists in the collective consciousness and of whom everyone is afraid. Using audio-visual material sourced directly from Beirut, Najdi maps out Bomba’s walks, her negotiation of her own fear of walking as a breathing bomb. The work aims to explore the feeling of being alone, inadequate, and to confront the illusion of having control over one’s fear. The story reflects how violence is not only direct, explosive and spectacular, but structural, gradual and anonymous, targeting everyone.

Approximate running time:
60 minutes, no intermisson


This production is not performed at the present time.


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