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Kylián – Bridges of Time



Choreography: Jiří Kylián
Conductor: Jaroslav Kyzlink

“Dance does not only serve to express joy, sorrow and emotional states of mind, it can also be a prayer, a ritual, therapy or intellectual structure. In limitless ways, dance is capable of depicting the abstract and reality alike. And when done professionally, it is as though the dancer were saying: I am a work of art!” (Jiří Kylián)
The Czech National Ballet is preparing a project titled KYLIÁN, which will receive its gala premiere within the 2018 celebrations of the centenary of the foundation of the Czechoslovak Republic. “In my opinion, 1918 represents a turning point in Czech history – a symbol of freedom and democracy. And liberty and freedom of creation are that which all forms of art have in common. By and large, art is truth,” says Filip Barankiewicz, the Artistic Director of the Czech National Ballet. By means of the project, the Czech National Ballet aims to commemorate the momentous anniversary, as well as to pay tribute to Jiří Kylián, the celebrated Czech choreographer, a true icon of global dance. Four of his opuses will be included in the evening – Symphony of Psalms, Bella Figura, Petite Mort and Six Dances. “I’m pleased that Jiří Kylián has chosen to present in Prague these very choreographies, which I consider to be immensely sensitive and which indisputably rank among the gems of this oeuvre,” Filip Barankiewicz adds.


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