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Zbyněk Fric


Zbyněk Fric was born in 1971 in Bystré near Polička. Following two seasons at Horácké divadlo in Jihlava, he enrolled at the Faculty of Theatre of Prague’s Academy of Performing Arts (he left after two years). His main artistic activity is performing in musicals, among them the Prague productions of the works Fahrenheit 451° (Montage), Jesus Christ Superstar (Simon Zelotes), Dracula (Steven, the Monk), Dreams of New York, Hello Dolly (Ambrosius Kemper), The Angel with the Devil in his Body, Grease (Danny), Old Men Go Hop-picking (Honza), The Pied Piper (Jacob), Cleopatra (Marcus Antony), The Rebels (Simon), The Three Musketeers (Buckingham, Rochefort), Golem (Štěpán Skotnica) and Angelika (Peyrac, the poet Špína). At the Příbram Theatre he enacted the title role in the musical Lemonade Joe. Furthermore, he collaborated on the staging of Bernstein’s Mass at Prague Castle, with the National Theatre Ballet i Brno he worked on the production of the ballet Edith, and with the National Theatre Ballet in Prague he worked on the production of Lucrezia Borgia. He has rendered a number of roles in television films and series (for example, A Land Gone Wild, The Last Season) and recorded several CDs (for example, The Rebels, Dracula, Lucrezia Borgia, Jesus Christ Superstar, Grease). Update: April 2007