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Tomáš Morávek


Tomáš was born in Prague in 1981. He discovered the beauty of lighting design thanks to the Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague where he was employed as a lighting technician. He started to do lighting designs for students of the conservatory a bit later. Fascinated by the possibility to create specific atmospheres or to do a set design by using lights, he has been interested in contemporary dance and lighting design since then.
Tomáš gained extensive experience not only due to his work for Prague theatres, but also due to the Forman Brothers’ Theatre with which he performed in France or the Amsterdam University of the Arts in the Netherlands where he worked on student projects. He worked with Veselka Kuncheva in Bulgaria and theatres in Prague, Ostrava, and Brno. His career is also connected to the Stanica Žilina-Záriečie Centre in Slovakia and the festival L1 in Hungary.

The projects Tomáš did as a lighting designer:
Pérák (Divadlo Vosto5, 2011); Animalinside, choreographed by Jaro Viňarský, (2012); You are here, choreographed by Petra Tejnorová, Jaro Viňarský and co. (2016); Pitch, sung by Jan Bárta (2015), Kolonizace – nový počátek (Divadlo Vosto5, 2016); KEEP CALM Ufftenživot (2017); Král Oidipús, directed by Jan Frič (2019).

Tomáš participated several festivals as a lecturer of educational workshops on lighting design in the Czech Republic and Europe. He helped to do educational projects for the Institute of Lighting Design in Prague and for Anténa Network for Independent Culture and the Academy of Performing Arts based in Bratislava. He created a wide range of interactive lighting installations. He published several professional journals too—Prolight+Sound 2013, Frankfurt, Světlo 2012 – 3/43 and 2014 – 3/50.
Since 2018, Tomáš has been teaching practical seminars on stage technologies at Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU).

As a lighting designer and a human being totally captivated by theatre art, Tomáš believes in interactive and live theatre forms.

It was in 2016 when Tomáš cooperated with the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre’s ballet company for the first time as a coordinator of lighting implementation for the production Two Worlds / One World.

Source: NDM (2/2024)