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Kristýna Němečková

Kristýna Němečková

Soloist of The Czech National Ballet


Born in Berlín, Kristýna Němečková studied ballet at the Prague Dance Conservatory and the Staatliche Ballettschule in Berlin, where she performed the title role of Giselle within a graduation performance (Act 2).
In 2008, she joined the Czech National Ballet, and three years later was appointed the company’s demi-soloist.
Her solo roles include Pas de trois and the Russian Dancer in Swan Lake (choreographed by K. Greve), Volante – the Fairy of Courage in The Sleeping Beauty (choreographed by J. Torres), the Evil Sister in Cinderella (choreographed by J. C. Maillot), the Arabian Dance in The Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol (choreographed by Y. Vàmos), Dorotka in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and A Little Mermaid in the same title (choreographed by J. Kodet), as well as the solo roles In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated (choreographed by W. Forsythe), Reflections on the Fate of Human Forms (choreographed by: J. Godani), Decadance (choreographed by O. Naharin), Stabat Mater and Le sacre du printemps (choreographed by P. Zuska).
Furthermore, she has appeared in the choreographies Brel – Vysotsky - Kryl / Solo for Three, A Little Touch Of The Last Extreme, Symphony No. 1 in D, D.M.J.1953─1977, Ways 03, Romeo and Julie, In the Mist (P. Zuska), Goldilocks (J. Kodet), Guru (V. Konvalinka), Fancy Free (J. Robbins), Crossroads and Rooster (Ch. Bruce), Santa Says Cut It! (J. Greben and U. Ivgi), and other productions.
She has also danced in the performances Affordance (chor.: V. Kuneš, 420PEOPLE), Moderation of the Lost, Trash, The Unfinished Piece, Intro, Cave and Creatures (chor.: DekkaDancers), as well as in choreographies by Sylva Nečasová, Ondřej Vinklát, Hanka Turečková, Palo Kršiak, and other creators.
In the 2015/16 season, she worked with the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, headed by Jacopo Godani, dancing in the shows The Primate Trilogy, Metamorphers, C.O.R.E, Moto perpetuo, Echoes from a Restless Soul, One Flat Thing Reproduced, Lux Tenebris and Extinction of a Minor Species.
In the 2017/18 season, Kristýna rejoined the Czech National Ballet.
For the solo part in the choreography Reflections on the Fate of Human Forms choreographed by Jacopo Godani she received theThalia Award 2015.