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Jonáš Dolník

Jonáš Dolník

Soloist of The Czech National Ballet


Soloist of Czech National Ballet from 2015. His soloist roles in classical ballet repertory include Bobbie / prince Nutcracker in Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol and Golden Buddha in La Bayadère. He created roles in many contemporary pieces such as Ohad Naharin: decadance or in choreographies by Jiří Kylián or Glen Tetley. His Alain from Ashton’s La Fille mal gardée shows his talent for comedy and his Danceny from Valmont his romantic soul. 

Graduated from Janáček Dance Conservatory in Ostrava, he joined Czech Nationel Ballet in 2008. He was named a demi soloist in 2011 and a soloist in 2015.
His classical roles include parts in Swan Lake (pas de trois Benno; Greve), Sleeping Beauty (The Blue Bird; Torres), Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol (Bobbie / prince Nutcracker, Spanish dance, Russian Dance; Vàmos), La Fille mal gardée (Alain, Cockerel, Flute boy; Ashton) or La Bayadère (Golden Buddha, Solor friends; Torres). He also danced in The Snow Queen (Corder), The Little Mermaid and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice / Krabat (Kodet), Valmont (Vaculík) or Cinderella (Maillot).

He also created roles in ballets by Jiří Kylián (Glagolic Mass, Bella Figura, Gods and Dogs), Petr Zuska (Nutcracker and The Cuddly Mouse, Tremble, Brel – Vysotsky – Kryl / Solo for Three, Solo for the two of us), George Balanchine (Theme and Variations), Jerome Robbins (Fancy free), Uwe Scholz (7th symphony in A major), Radu Poklitaru (Rain), Alexander Ekman (Cacti), Ohad Naharin (Ohad Naharin: decadance), Glen Tetley (The Rite of Spring) or Viktor Konvalinka (Guru). 

He is a choreographer himself, he created several pieces for the Miniatures, a project for young choreographers from Czech National Ballet company. He i salso a member of Dekkadancers company. 

Bobbie / prince Nutcracker, Spanish Dance, Russian Dance (Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol; Vàmos), Pas de trois, Benno (Swan Lake; Greeve), Golden Buddha (La Bayadère; Torres), Blue Bird (Sleeping Beauty; Torres), Organiser (Cinderella; Maillot), Rose (Snow Queen; Corder), Alain, Cockerel, Flute Boy (La Fille mal gardée; Ashton), Danceny (Valmont; Vaculík), Jura (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice / Krabat; Kodet), Seraphin (The Little Mermaid; Kodet), prince Leonce (Leonce & Lena; Spuck).
Ohad Naharin: decadance (Naharin), Rooster (Bruce), Rain (Poklitaru), Cacti (Ekman), Fancy Free (Robbins), The Rite of Spring (Tetley), Bella Figura, Six Dances, Glagolic Mass (Kylián), Guru (Konvalinka), Brel – Vysotsky – Kryl / Solo for Three, Tremble, Solo for the two of us (Zuska), Bon Appétit! (Kodet).