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Jaroslav Dušek


JAROSLAV DUŠEK was, in his own words, born under the sign of the Bull on 30 April 1961 in Prague, having inherited from his grandmother Pištorová some blue blood of the Pistori clan. In his childhood he was affected by the lines of forces of the Semafor theatre, where both his parents worked. At the grammar school, he was spellbound by the Nedivadlo (Non-Theatre) of Dr. Ivan Vyskočil and Pavel Bošek. It is said that he was Vyskočil’s most consistent student. Up to 1989 Jaroslav taught author dramatic art at the former People’s Conservatoire, until 2000 at the Conservatoire of Jaroslav Ježek author education and stage improvisation. At the present time, he teaches at the Film Academy of Performing Arts. In 1981, together with Jan Borna, he established the Vizita theatre, which since 1986 has been based on pure improvisation. Vizita is housed in Prague’s Archa theatre, and also performs in the Dobeška club. During the floods of 2002 Vizita found asylum in the Ponec theatre. Under the pseudonym of Jaroslav Omen, in a distinct manner so typical of himself, Jaroslav Dušek throughout most of 2001 presented on Czech TV 2 the programme Prology (Prologues), which mapped the events in artistic and alternative film. Since 16 November 2001 he has presented the CTV 2 programme entitled Přesčas (Overtime). For several years he has also hosted the Czech film awards (Czech Lions) gala evening. Jaroslav Dušek is married. His wife Iveta is an actress, their children are called Martin and Agáta. They share their household with the tomcat Bubák and the dog Bertold Brecht, as well as other unnamed pests – rats, a few spiders, flies, occasional ants, small rodents and, exceptionally, slow-worms.