Opera Academy

The National Theatre is one of the symbols of national identity and part of the European cultural space. The statute of the National Theatre establishes, among others, also pedagogic and educational activities and seminars. And not only for this reason was the Opera Academy project created. It is designed for students of journalism, media studies and theatre and aims to form the competency of future journalists and editors of mass media.
The two-year course that we launched in October 2014, offers the opportunity to visit selected opera performances in the Czech Republic and abroad – Bayerische Staatsoper, Semperoper Dresden or Komische Oper Berlin for example. As part of regular seminars led by journalist and chief editor of the Theatre Newspaper PhDr. Josef Herman, one of the leading Czech opera critics, the students can deepen their critical thinking about the aesthetic values associated with the operatic genre, they will also be able to understand operations and making of opera productions, but also meet with personalities from the field of theatre and classical music .
In addition to active participation in class, students will demonstrate their perceptions of opera performances and newfound experience with the genre through writing reviews, which will be posted on the web National Theatre Opera and in other publications. The aim is to contribute to the education of journalism and media students, teach them how to recognize qualities of an opera work and shape a new generation of cultural editors.


If you have any questions, please contact Michaela Cerna – Marketing and PR department of the National Theatre Opera and the State Opera. E-mail: