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The Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol: Benefit Performance



On December the twelfth we stage The Nutcracker in collaboration with the Dance Career Endowment Fund. A part of the money raised goes to the Endowment Fund. The performance is sold out – thank you for supporting the art of dance!

The Dance Career Endowment Fund helps ballet dancers in the process of changing their career. The fund was awarded a prize in Brussels this November by the PEARLE* (Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe) in the SKILLS/TRAINING/LIFELONG LEARNING category for creating new visions and helping in the social area. The prizes are awarded within the framework of “Behind the Stage” project (financed by the European Union) and aim to celebrate the pioneer work that many employers’ organizations have been doing – endorsing equal opportunity, diversity, lifelong learning, social dialogue or the preservation of cultural heritage. All to make the field of live arts healthier, safer and fairer. The project was introduced by the Professional Theatre Association of the Czech Republic (belonging to Pearle*).

„We are in the middle of the second year of benefit performances entitled TICKET THAT HELPS CZECH DANCE and organized by the theatres under the Professional Theatre Association. There were benefit activities in České Budějovice and Plzeň already. It is of course not only about the money raised but also about drawing attention to the problem of dancers who – after completing their active career – leave their home theatre or company without any help or support whatsoever,” says MgA. Zdeněk Prokeš, a member of the administrative board of the Dance Career Endowment Fund and a social dialogue guarantor of the Professional Theatre Association. “In December there will be benefit performances in the National Theatre in Prague, Brno, in the F. X. Šalda Theatre in Liberec or in the Moravian Theatre in Olomouc,“ he adds.

Through buying the benefit performance ticket you help to endorse further learning, retraining and requalification of dancers who just ended their active dancing career. It takes eight years to become a professional ballet dancer – it is the longest period of all arts. Most dancers suffer serious injuries during their career and more than one fourth of them must quit at a young age. Three quarters leave the stage before they turn thirty and it is very rare to see a dancer who is over forty.

The benefit performance of The Nutcracker is sold out – thank you for endorsing the art of dance!

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photo: Martin Divíšek