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The National Theatre Drama participates in the European project of the "Renaissance" of theater


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250 artists, 22 theatres from 18 European countries (e. g. Albania, Belgium, Italy, Croatia, France, Hungary, Poland, Serbia or Luxembourg), grouped in the European Theatre Convention (ETC) – the largest European theatre network – have joined together in the “Renaissance” project to reflect on the realities of pandemic living and the potential for the ‘rebirth’ of theatre in a brand-new series of free-to-watch short films.

The Renaissance was an explosion of creativity after the ‘dark and diseased’ Middle Ages—a complex and uneven celebration of beauty, wisdom, science, and architecture. It was time of dramatic changes, of upheavals, of brutal ruptures with societal patterns. It was also a time that led to a shift in European thought and introduced a new Zeitgeist.

Here, "Renaissance" also stands for the rebirth of theatre(s) in the virtual space after a year of living with the pandemic. The participating European theatres have tested and unveiled new texts and formats, devising work for the digital stage, and developing digital dramaturgies.

“It is crucial for theatres in Europe to be able to reopen again soon, to collaborate across borders and reconnect with their audiences locally and internationally. ETC's Renaissance project is a strong signal in this regard for theatres in Europe. It gives hope for overcoming the pandemic...” Barbara Gessler, Head of Unit Creative Europe

The project will launch on Europe day, May 9, 2021, when all 22 videos will be able to be seen for free on the ETC website – from 00:00 till 23:59. After this, one video will be released each weekday, from May 10 until June 4. They will be joined by accompanying background information and explanatory interviews. The videos will be free to watch across ETC social media channels and on participatory theatre websites, from the moment of their release onwards.

The National Theatre Drama’s film will be the opening one – you can watch it from May 10, 2021.




Renaissance – a short film by the National Theatre Drama

The theatre community lost its foundation.
Theatre as we knew it no longer exists.
The stage is a mere dream – sometimes thrilling, often depressive.
We need to change it. Go out. Find a new source and sense of creation…


Written by Karel Hugo Hilar Stage Design: Andrej Ďurík
Directed by Daniel Špinar Costume Design: Linda Boráros
Camera: Dominik Žižka Light Design: Přemysl Janda
Music: Matěj Kroupa

English Translation: Alžběta Soperová


Daniel Špinar, Jindřiška Dudziaková, Zuzana Kráľová, Hanuš Kroupa, Marta Ljubková, Michal Soukup, Patrik Markes, Pavel Dytrt, Jakub Dittrich and Jevgenij Lisovik

Special thanks to:

Eliška Borová, Petr Stříbrný, Eva Nyklíčková, Alice Šlegrová, Daniela Pařízková, Karolína Neubauerová, Kateřina Ondroušková


The Renaissance short films have been supported with funding from the European Theatre Convention (ETC), the largest network of publicly funded theatres in Europe, and the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission.

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