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The Czech National Ballet returns to the stage!



In June the Czech National Ballet offers classical ballet gem and world premiere.

On 10 May 2021 the Czech government lifted some restrictions in the field of arts and culture. The National Theatre is opening the sale of tickets for June 2021 performances – tickets are available online and at the main box office.

The Czech National Ballet is back on stage with two performances – two symbols.

In June the CNB dancers will present two different dance worlds. Swan Lake ranks among the most famous classical titles, it is a milestone in the effort to create a perfect art form and will open our theatre after the long pandemic lockdown.

The mythical phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and hopefully will bring new life to our ballet studios. The new production Phoenix comprises three works by Douglas Lee, Alejandro Cerrudo and Cayetano Soto exceptional voices of today choreography. Two of these works were already presented as online premieres on YouTube but the full-fledged world premiere will take place at the end of June 2021. 

“The Phoenix myth and my choreography are very much connected. It is all about rebirth. Phoenix keeps falling to dust and rising – again and again. It is the same with human beings – we rise to new life not only once but constantly. Today I am not the same person I was yesterday or ten or thirty years ago. Our essence remains the same but our personality traits and desires crystalize over time – we create our own path.” – Cayetano Soto

Practical information:
Each of the theatre buildings will offer half of its audience capacity – 500 seats at the most. Safety regulations will be observed. Disinfection jars will be available at the entrance and respirators provided by the staff. In the historical building of the National theatre, in the State Opera and the Estates Theatre audiences will be divided into two sectors with separate entrances.
Beware: It is necessary to wear respirators or nano-masks inside the theatre. Entrances and exits of audiences will managed under special conditions so that people from different sector do not meet.

photo: Martin Divíšek / Serghei Gherciu
video: Marco Chiodi | Chiodi Studio

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