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The Czech National Ballet and the Theatre Night 2018



Let us inform you that the Theatre Night visitor capacity has been filled. Maybe you did not manager to make a reservation in time. It does not matter. We invite you to The Music Theatre Karlín on Monday November 19 at 7 pm. Come and see Romeo and Juliet and admire the Czech National Ballet dancers on stage.

Further detail concerning various National Theatre programmes and activities is to be found in the WE LOVE BALLET section on the National Theatre website.

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Recomended ballet events to come:
Ballet Workshop „Počítejte s baletem“ (Count on ballet) – November 25 at 10 am.
Ballet Workshop „Just Kylián“ – November 25 at 1 pm.

The Theatre Night 2018 – programme:
Come to our studios and take part in our ballet workshop with Nikola Márová, first soloist of the Czech National Ballet. We will show you dance excerpts from various performances and tell you about the power of applause. Imagine you are a dancer in front of the audience. What are you feelings? What is the role of the audience, how can it influence the dancer and his performance?
Bonus: launching of the new ballet Calendar for the year 2019, with Radka Příhodová, demisoloist of The Czech National Ballet.

photo: Martin Divíšek