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Spring with VERDI



The National Theatre Opera and the State Opera prepared the series of operas VIVA VERDI celebrating the great work of the composer Giuseppe Verdi. In March and April 2023, the State Opera will perform La traviata, Aida, Rigoletto and Macbeth, the famous opera works that belong to the musical repertoire of all major opera houses.

When you buy two or more performances included in the VIVA VERDI series, you get an opera fan discount of 20%. Tickets can be purchased online (the discount is automatically added) or at all box offices of the National Theatre.

VIVA VERDI series titles and dates:

03.02.2023         Rigoletto
19.02.2023         Rigoletto
25.02.2023         Rigoletto
04.03.2023         Rigoletto
23.03.2023         La traviata
25.03.2023         Macbeth
26.03.2023         Rigoletto
29.03.2023         La traviata
30.03.2023         Aida
31.03.2023         Macbeth
02.04.2023         Aida
09.04.2023         La traviata
19.04.2023         La traviata

About Verdi’s Opera

La Traviata

Verdi's famous opera was inspired by A. Dumas's novel The Lady with Camellias, and the story of the beautiful courtesan Violetta and her futile desire to break free from the conventions of contemporary society has been moving listeners for more than 150 years. Verdi's immensely impressive music romantically idealizes Violetta's unhappy love for Alfredo and appeals, more than theatrically, primarily with deep and emotional lyrics.

As part of the VIVA VERDI series, performed on: March 29 and April 9 and 19, 2023


The dramatic charge of the story of the Ethiopian princess Aida and the Egyptian warrior Radam arises from the inner conflict of a woman who must decide between loyalty to her homeland and love for a man who belongs to the oppressors of her nation. Radames also finds himself torn between love and duty when he finally betrays his country for Aida. Aida is considered by some music connoisseurs to be the peak of Verdi's opera work.

As part of the VIVA VERDI series, performed on: March 30 and April 2, 2023


For this musically fascinating, dark drama of passion, betrayal and revenge, Giuseppe Verdi found the theme in the play Le Roi s'amuse (The King is Amusing) by the famous French playwright and poet Victor Hugo. The tragic story of the court jester and hunchback Rigoletto, who, with mockery on his lips and with anguish in his soul, knows well the wrongness of his service to the debauched duke, and that is why he so deeply experiences the curse that has fallen on his head. After the world premiere, people in the streets sang the duke's cynical song "La donne è mobile" (Oh how changeable is the heart of a woman) and it was clear to Verdi that he had written an operatic hit!

As part of the VIVA VERDI series, performed on: February 3, 19 and 25 and March 4 and  26, 2023


Unbridled ambition, unrestrained desire for power and mysterious prophecies are the ingredients of a psychological opera thriller, the subject of which was given to Verdi by the famous playwright William Shakespeare. In Macbeth, the composer began the journey towards music drama, in which singing is subordinated to the dramatic situation and reflects the psychology and inner feelings of the characters, and the dramatic content is much more important here than bel canto or "beautiful singing".

As part of the VIVA VERDI series, performed on: March 25 and 31, 2023